inspiring and empowering every learner

Our First Clever Champions

The Clever R-V School District looks forward to honoring staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty through the Clever Champion Program. Four times each year, two certified and two classified employees will be honored for their part in "Inspiring and Empowering Every Learner." Our first Clever Champions have shown over and over their dedication to students, to their co-workers, and to the community. Congratulations to our first Clever Champions!
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The very first Clever Champions recipients received their awards at the October Clever R-V School Board meeting. Pictured from left to right are Anita Potter, Carol Ann Neely, School Board President Marla Shuler, Paula Harvey, and Lois Dresslaer.

Paula Harvey

Paula Harvey has been with the district since 1986. She has served as teacher as well as growing our Parents as Teachers program into a thriving and extremely beneficial program at Clever Schools.

Her peers have said:

“Paula Harvey is the door into our district! She is full of passion and positivity for her job as parent educator and our school.”

“Paula Harvey advocates for everyone to be their best. She cheers on parents and helps them feel confident and grow in their parenting. She cheers on fellow teachers to push themselves to be the best for their students. She cheers on all staff in her role on the wellness committee.”

“Paula wants everyone to succeed. She wants the best for everyone. What she presents to our families when she visits them is real...that Clever Schools is a great place to have your children. Paula is the first impression parents get of our school and what a wonderful impression they get!”

Lois Dresslaer

Lois Dresslaer has been with the Clever District since the fall of 2000.

“Lois is a Clever Champion because she works diligently to build student relationships and creates a safe space for each of those students. Lois is always thinking about the students and how she can better their lives. She is also often found helping out staff members all over the building. She can be counted on during the most difficult of times, and there is a pride that comes with working with her. She is kind, intelligent, and is always level-headed. Lois is the voice of reason when there doesn’t seem to be any reasonable options. She wears a hat entitled “paraprofessional”, but her job title is only a mere explanation of what she chooses ethically and professionally.”

In addition to her position as paraprofessional, Lois also serves as a tennis coach and Care to Learn volunteer.

Carol Ann Neely

Carol Ann Neely joined the Clever district in August of 2018. Although a veteran teacher, she came to Clever with an enthusiastic, hard working, team spirit. She has recently taken a risk and revitalized a pep club. While at games, she is a constant encouragement to students and ensures that students cheer for not just athletes but all students including band and color guard that are participating in each event.

Anita Potter

Anita is the High School Kitchen Manager and has been with the district since 1998.

A fellow colleague describes Anita as “one of the most unselfish, kind, and authentic people I have ever met and worked with over my 30+ years of being in education. I have observed her in the cafeteria talking to our students and it is with kindness, understanding and always, always, always trying to make their day better.”

Anita goes above and beyond to accommodate staff and students. She helps with athletic hospitality rooms, gate keeping and Care to Learn. She is concerned with the success of others and works behind the scenes to help the good of the entire district.