“Edutaining” in Social Studies

Erica Robinson and Celaina Huckeba, Katy ISD

@CincoRanchSS and @chuckeba

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On your notecard, complete the sentence:

If I wasn't an educator, I would be a _________ because _________.

Let's share.

Sentence stems:

  • The most interesting thing I heard was...
  • The most shocking thing I heard was...
  • The most unusual thing I heard was...

Total Participation

“Total Participation Techniques (TPTs) are teaching techniques that allow for all students to demonstrate, at the same time, active participation and cognitive engagement in the topic being studied.”


  • Use a Deck of Cards
  • Partner matching cards: Peas and Carrots, Shrek and Fiona, etc
  • Use Clock Partners
  • Chalkboard Splash
  • Numbered heads
  • 1-3 word wrap up

More examples here.

Let's Move---Find your Table Tent!

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Learning Through Academic Choice, by Paula Denton

Edudemic 7 Ways to Hack Your Classroom

Time to Share--one from each table.

Movie CLIP TIME!!!

Partner up:

One watch, one listen.

  • 5 minutes to watch.
  • 1 minute to discuss with partner.

As you discuss think about:

  • What is the time period?
  • What do you think is happening?
  • What did you see?
  • What did you hear?
  • Why do you think this is happening?

How can you use this in your class? What is the benefit of using this strategy over a powerpoint or lecture?

Caption This Time!!!

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Your Time to Create/Brainstorm

Partner up!

What are you teaching in your next unit? How can you use student choice to motivate your students? What can your students create to teach each other or teach you?

Bolded items below can be found in the Google Drive Folder with Resources here.

Video Resources:

  • MoveNote
  • Movie Magic
  • Zaption



  • OldMagazine Articles
  • Google Like a Boss (research skills)


  • Nearpod


  • Kahoot, Padlet, Formative
  • Plickers
  • TEKS App

Learning Menus

How do you create them for your students? What can you use? What topics can you cover?? What resources do you need??


Exit Ticket--Head, Heart, Feet

Take it with you and write down this smore link: https://www.smore.com/nmru7

Up your Game!!!! Genius Hour or 20% Time