Jordan Galati

Written By Nour Abdelrahman

An Introduction!

Jordan Galati is a fun loving and super interesting guy that has an amazing personality that we are going to explore! This is a biography all about Jordan Galati.

Jordan was born on April 4th 2002 in Mississauga, Ontario. He lives with his parents Eddie Galati and Lynne Martin and his older brother Jason. Fun fact: Did you know all his family was born in April!

Travel and Hobbies

Jordan has been living in Mississauga for all of his life. Jordan has many plans in his life, and one of them is to live in Las Vegas or New York. As most of you may know, Jordan loves to play the piano. If you’ve seen him play football you’ll understand that it’s his favorite sport. He is also into computers and technology. Jordan’s dream job is to be an auto mechanic as he said “I love to fix stuff or even take thing apart and put them back together. And if I see something wrong with a car I can spot it really fast.” His alternative job is a Game Designer. Fun Fact: Jordan has been offered a JOB to work for a gaming company called Ubisoft and that offer is still valid.

Likes And Dislikes!

Jordan does many thing in his spare time such as playing the piano, listening to music, coding, and playing on the computer. As lots of people hate waking up so does Jordan. He also hates math and health.

Motavation! Strengths And Weaknesses

Jordan gets lots of motivation from his dad, as they want to work together on landscaping. Jordan has a few weaknesses such as not being able to talk enough and having to be shy in large groups of people. As he has weaknesses, he also has strengths such as his passion for sports , music and mechanics. Now we have come to the end of our journey of Jordan Galati, hopefully you have got to know Jordan as well as I have.