Barton Hills Bulletin

Week of 28 - October 2

From Kati

October already!!!

We will have a new SLP transitioning to our campus next week. Krista Kuhn will be taking over for Carol Trapani. Carol will only have Sunset Valley and Hill. The changes were made to balance caseloads and workloads within the Speech Language Services Team across the district. Carol and Krista are already aware of the change and are working together to make it a smooth transition. We thank Carol for her many years of service to our Barton Hills Eagles!

Have a great weekend.

Additional Information/Updates/ Reminders

  • We have our first Lock Down Drill on Tuesday at 1:30. Please make sure you know where your red folder is and you know what to do (all doors locked, windows covered, students quiet).

  • Please make sure you teach the required Cyber Safety Lesson no later than October 9th. Team Leaders need to let me know when everyone on your team has taught the lesson.

  • Stacy and I will begin the PPfT fall "visits" starting this week. Please remember that the "visits" are not scored so you will receive written feedback but not a score for the rubric.

  • We will also be scheduling the fall Observations. The observations are at least 30 minutes in duration and ARE scored with the rubric. A post conference is required within 5 days of the observation feedback.

This Week's Events

Atterberry- Morning Duty


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • 7:45 Morning Assembly


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • ARD/504/eCST Day
  • 1:30 First Lock Down Drill


  • "C" Day for Special Areas
  • Nancy Knedlik's Birthday (SHA)


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • 3:00 Faculty Meeting followed by Technology committee meeting


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • 10:00 - 1:00 Choir to ACL

Upcoming Events

October 8


October 9

Choir to ACL

Deadline for teaching Cyber Safety lesson to students

October 12

Parent Teacher Conference Day

October 15

No meeting

November 7


Faculty Meeting Agenda



Report Card/Parent Teacher Conferences Reminders

CIP Review

Technology Bond Devices (Technology committee and anyone else who wants to)