Garrett Morgan

One Of The First Black Inventors in American History

Early Life

On March 4, 1877 Garrett Augustus Morgan was the seventh child born out of 11 childern in Paris, Kentucky. In his mid teens he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to look for work and became a handyman for a wealthy landowner. Morgan only had a elementary education, so he payed a private tutor to give him lessons. He found another occupation working at several different sewing machine factories , learning how to operate and fix them. Several years later he opened up his own repair shop and expose himself into the business world


Morgan's first invention was in 1909 when he established The G.A Morgan refining Company and sold cream to African Americans

In 1914 Morgan designed a Breathing device used in gas masks providing a safer breathing experience presence of smoke, gas, and other dangerous toxic air pollutants.

In 1923 he used his machanical skills and enhanced the traffic signal , designing one with a warning light to alert drivers to stop their vehicles

Death and Legacy

As Morgan got older he developed a disease that slowed him down a little and cause a lose of most of his sight ..Glaucoma. His days came to a sharp end on July 27, 1963 in Cleveland , Ohio, but before died he was honored by the Goverment for his Traffic signal and he will always be remembered as a Hero for Lake Erie rescue. His Inventions are used worldwide everyday and they inspire upcoming engineers and Inventors