Media and Media Literacy

Is There a Deeper Meaning?

What Does it Mean to You?

The word media may have a different meaning to other people. I feel that media is the visual expression of events and actions that take place in different regions around the world. We are surrounded by media everyday of our lives. Media can be found in magazines, on the news or in a newspaper, and even on social networking sites. Media is a great way for people to stay up to date on any important event taking place at a given time. In the modern world of media people are able to receive information on an event that took place only moments after it occurred. Being media literate to me means being intellectually aware of situations taking place in the media world. A person can see a major event being documented on the news or read about it on a social networking site or the newspaper, but if they are unable to comprehend what is taking place then they are not media literate. In order for a person to be media literate they need to be able to understand the situation that is taking place, and should be able to clearly express their views on the event taking place in the world of media. In modern society with all the new advancements in technology we now have the ability to be right up to date with a major event as it is taking place. As a result it is important for an individual to be media literate in order to fully comprehend what is happening in the world of media. As time progresses I feel that the world will continue to see major changes in the way information on events taking place around the world are obtained. This however can be unfortunate for those who remain media illiterate as they will most likely be left behind amongst the media literate people of society.

Budwesier "Puppy Love" (2014)

Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, “Puppy Love” (2014), sends a powerful message that true friendships are unbreakable no regardless of the circumstances, even between two completely different species. The commercial depicts a bloodhound puppy that befriends a Clydesdale horse, and it cannot seem to keep away from its new companion no matter what obstacles are put in its path. At the end of the commercial just when the audience assumes that the two companions will finally be separated for eternity the unthinkable occurs when the Clydesdale, with a little help from some family members, rescues the bloodhound from being taken away from the farm life, and the two are reunited to live a peaceful life of merriment and happiness on the countryside. This heartwarming commercial appeals to the audience’s sensitive side, which would normal not be expected out of a beer advertisement. By using this depiction in their 2014 Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser did not just appeal their advertisement to one specified genre of consumers, but they were able to get the attention of anyone with a soft spot towards animals, farm life, and individuals with strong friendship values.

The Journey of Life

In life we all go through our own individual experiences that shape our common beliefs and give us the mindset we obtain throughout our journey. In my 18 years of life I have been through a magnitude of life changing experiences and realizations about the way life works. To me life is all about hard work. The harder you work in life the better the payout in the end. I believe that we are fully responsible for our actions therefore we should take full responsibility for the consequences not matter if it is a positive or negative outcome. We are all responsible for ourselves at the end of the day, so when we put ourselves in situations in which we know there are possibilities for negative outcomes, we should not look to place the blame on others involved. Learning how to fix your own problems and tame your own conscious can come in very handy on the journey of life. Taking full responsibility for your actions is the best way to go about dealing with the obstacles of life. When you let others influence you to do wrong you are fully responsible for your consequences because you have the ability to think for yourself and make your own decisions. Options that others put in front of you such as; stealing, doing drugs and other activities that are commonly frowned can be avoided depending on the choices you make. There is no right or wrong way to go about the journey of life, because in reality you live the life you choose. For those of us fortunate enough to have the ability to control our lives for ourselves, it is our responsibility to figure out how to better our lives as the years progress on. Life truly is only as hard as you make it, and how hard you make it is your decision. Just keep in mind that life gets harder as our time on Earth progresses, but the knowledge we obtain along our individual journeys has the potential to make our lives better.

Local Hero Arrested for Loitering

Local Hero Arrested

Khaschief Doyling, Staff Reporter

Mon Mar 24, 2014

MANHATTAN NY, - Paul Thatcher, the man who rescued a litter of Siberian husky puppies from a burning pet shop in the SoHo neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, was arrested on Lafayette Street for loitering in front of the Supreme store last Thursday.

According to some of the staff members of Supreme, Thatcher was anxiously awaiting the 20th anniversary release of Supreme’s first skateboarding film, “Cherry”. It is reported that Thatcher was upset about his spot in line to receive his copy of “Cherry”. Feeling that the district of Manhattan owed him for his heroic efforts in saving the Siberian husky puppies, Paul Thatcher took it upon himself to move to the front of the line instead of waiting his turn like everyone else. As a result Thatcher created an uproar amongst individuals waiting in line which almost lead to a riot. When door security ordered Thatcher to return to the back of the line he became belligerent and refused to do as he was told. Eventually the store manager approached the confrontation asking Thatcher to leave the premises. When he refused to do so the police were called and Thatcher was arrested for disturbing the peace and loitering.

“Thatcher was behaving in a very aggressive manner towards the staff members of Supreme, and was causing other individuals in the crowd to act out as a result”, said arresting officer, James Pigson. It is also reported that James Jebbia, the creator and owner of Supreme, has taken it upon himself to banned Thatcher from all Supreme store locations.

"1984" Reflection

The purpose of George Orwell’s novel, “1984”, is to show the world about where the state of the world could be headed if too much authority is given to the government. In 1984, the people were living in a dystopian society where the illusion of a perfect society is present. The way Orwell chose to end “1984” was very surprising to the reader. Just when you assume that Winston and Julia are actually going to get away with their crime, they are found out by the government and captured. The way Orwell chose to end this novel sends a strong message of how an overly oppressive government is not needed for society. I personally feel that Orwell’s work portrayed a great message about life in a dystopian society. You gain a sense of knowledge about how an overly oppressive government can destroy the lives of many citizens if you are not use to that side of life. Although our lives are not as harsh as the citizens of Oceania in “1984”, this novel depicts some of the same things we deal with in our everyday life such as the threat of government spying through the use of technology. Even though the ending of “1984” is far from the typically “happily ever after” ending of other novels dealing with a major conflict, I feel that the ending was very appropriate and gives the reader a sense of what happens to people dealing with oppressive governments on a reality perspective. The main message I got out of Orwell’s “1984” is that a strong centralized government leads to oppression.

Media Literacy Course Reflection

Senior Language Arts had a bit of a twist this school year. With the addition of a Media Literacy course added to this year’s curriculum students were able to get a better understating of social media and why it is important to be media literate in this day and age. What I have personally taken away from this Media Literacy is a better knowledge for how the government operates with its tactics of being able to read an individual’s personal text messages, emails and even tap phone calls. I also gained knowledge on the importance of knowing the proper methods for responsibly posting on social media websites in order to maintain a respectable personal image, because once something is posted on a social media website, it is there forever. This language arts course was different from other language arts courses I’ve taken in the past in many ways. For one many of the assignments were submitted for grading via the use of technology. Usually assignments for language arts classes involve the rigorous reading of texts out of a book, and the use of writing by hand. There was also a lot of time spent in the computer lab and using in class laptops. Also there was not a standard issued textbook given to the students. Although I did gain a new sense of knowledge technology speaking, I did not really enjoy this course. The reason being I do not really have an interest in technology or for social media. I tend to stay away from the world of social media not even having a Facebook, Twitter, or instagram like many of the other students of this day and age. Overall I appreciate the experience and the knowledge gain through this Media Literacy course. I truthfully have no suggestions for how the course could be improved. It seemed pretty spot on even though some of the assignments were tedious and complicated. That’s just a part of doing the work, so students taking this course next semester should just learn to deal with it, and make sure they stay focused in getting their work completed.