St Mary's Catholic School 19 May 2021 - Term 2 Week 3

Seventh Sunday of Easter, Cycle B

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Gospel Reading

John 17:11b-19

Jesus prays for his disciples.

Background on the Gospel Reading

On the seventh Sunday of Easter, we always read from the seventeenth chapter of John's Gospel. This chapter of John's Gospel comes at the conclusion of Jesus' farewell discourse delivered to the disciples at the Last Supper. This entire chapter is a prayer by Jesus, commending himself to the Father and expressing his care and concern for his disciples. At the end of this prayer, Jesus and his disciples depart for the garden, and Jesus is arrested.Several important themes appear in this prayer. First, Jesus' prayer reaffirms the complete union between himself and the Father. Throughout John's Gospel, Jesus has been presented as the one who preexisted with the Father and as the one sent by the Father to do his work on earth. In today's reading, we hear Jesus include all his disciples in this union with the Father. We are reminded that Christ is the source of Christian unity. Through Christ, we are united with one another and with God Our Father.In this prayer, Jesus describes part of his mission in the language of protection. He has protected those who were given to him by the Father. In this we hear echoes of the dualism that is reflected throughout John's Gospel. Beginning with the opening chapter, the Evangelist John has presented Jesus' mission on earth in the context of a cosmic struggle between good and evil, represented by light and darkness. In Jesus' presence, his disciples have been protected from Satan. Now that Jesus is returning to the Father, he prays that his disciples will continue to be protected from the evil one. We can't help but note here the echoes of the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples, the Lord's Prayer.

We also see in this chapter the distinction found in John's Gospel between the world and the disciples. The disciples are in the world, but they do not belong to the world. Yet like Jesus, they are sent into the world for the world's salvation. As Jesus' teaching and ministry was a source of consternation for some, Jesus knows that the world may not accept his disciples with open arms. Again, we hear echoes of John's theme that salvation is worked out through the cosmic battle between light and darkness. The world, according to John, prefers the darkness. Yet the light will not be overcome by the darkness. Reading this prayer of Jesus during the Easter Season, through the lens of his Resurrection, we know that the light of Christ has overcome the darkness of sin and death in our world. In the opening line of this prayer, we hear Jesus pray that his disciples will be kept in the name that he was given by God. We know that salvation is given to us in the name of Jesus, and that his name—“God saves”—announces his mission on our behalf.


Tēnā koutou kātoa e te whānau,

Tihei mauri ora, nau mai, haere mai, tena koutou katoa, E nga whanau, e nga kaiako, e nga tamariki, e nga manuhiri, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

School Mass

We are in week 3 already. We are looking forward to celebrating our School Mass this Friday at St Mary Immaculate Church. Mass will start at 9.30am, you are all invited to celebrate the eucharist with us.

Procedure for resolving concerns

If you have any concerns through the term please make contact with your child's teacher in the first instance, then the Team Leader, and if required Lisa Broadmore or me. We are always wanting to make sure we are open and transparent around resolving concerns.

Sports/Cultural Day

I want to thank the parents and Aroha children for their excellent participation and representation of St Marys' at the Sports/Cultural day yesterday. You certainly showed great spirit and team work to showcase your talents. Be sure to read the article by Grace Raymond and see photos further in the newsletter.

Parent Information Evening Wednesday 26 May

We have a couple of changes we are hoping to make with HERO and the goals, so we can continue to show progress and achievement regularly. With this in mind, we have a parent information evening about Structured Literacy learning on Wednesday 26th May from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm held in the Aroha hub. There is more information to come, but please save this date. We will make sure parents can bring their children if they require this; we can put a movie on.

Toys to support learning

Poppet spinners are becoming a very popular toy. I would recommend that they are brought to school for the purpose of supporting learning so they don't go missing. We have a container that is slowly being filled with items to play and create with. If you have any items that may be of use please let me know.

Lost Property

Lost property works when we make sure items are named and we return them to their owners. All teams have designated areas for lost property and that is the first port of call. All items unnamed generally end up back at the office.

Thanks for your continued support around this.

Ngā mihi nui

James Murray


Pentecost School Mass

We are looking forward to our school Pentecost Mass this Friday, 9:30am at St Mary Immaculate Church. Thank you for the students who will speak the Prayers of the Faithful in their first language and also to Whanau Laban who will dramatise the Gospel for us. We will acknowledge with flags the many different cultures we have in our school.

Happy Birthday to the Catholic Church! Happy birthday to you, who are the body of the Church!

Because you are part of the body of the Church, Pentecost is the Church's birthday, and yours as well. And like any birthday, it's a cause for celebration.

Fifty days after Easter Sunday, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and their followers, and the beginning of their ministry to make disciples of all nations.

Video: What is Pentecost?

Pentecost is the celebration of the person of the Holy Spirit coming upon the Apostles, Mary, and the first followers of Jesus, who were gathered together in the Upper Room.
What is Pentecost? A Catholic answer and teaching

Confirmation: Sunday 23 May at 2pm

We wish our students who are being Confirmed this Sunday by Bishop Steve many blessings. Please keep them in your prayers. May they always feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

School Values focus

Please ask your child/children to share with you about their Religious Education.

Week 3: The Holy Spirit is always with us

Week 4: We care for the whole of ourselves

Week 5: We pray for others

Thank you to the Whakapono team who have made beautiful Sacred Heart pictures of the office area.

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Prayer Intentions

Pope Francis Prayer intention for May. The World of Finance

Let us pray that those in charge of finance will work with governments to regulate the financial sphere and protect citizens from its dangers.

If you would like to have a prayer intention prayed for you, your family or someone you know in need, please email Teresa Rush and you can be added to a prayer list. (This can be confidential as well as specific names and prayer intentions given.)


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Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is about working together to celebrate diversity and promote positive social relationships. It’s about creating a community where all people feel safe, valued and respected, regardless of age, gender identity, ability, or cultural background.

Thank you for supporting Pink Shirt Day last year - your generous Pink Shirt Day donation helped us raise $374.70! This money was put towards free information, activities, resources and merchandise for schools, workplaces, communities and whānau, all of which help make Aotearoa a kinder, safer place for everyone.

This year Pink Shirt Day is on Friday the 21st of May.

Children will come to school in their school uniform and change into pink/mufti clothes at morning tea time after our Pentecost Mass at St Mary Immaculate church in the morning.

For more information on Pink Shirt Day visit
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Life Education Van

We will continue to enjoy our learning this week when we visit the Life Education classroom. It was very exciting to have Harold from Life Education join us at lunchtime last week.

Suzanne Aubert Catholic School in Papamoa

On Thursday the 13th of May our kapa haka roopu travelled to Suzanne Aubert Catholic School in Papamoa. We were warmly welcomed by the children of the new school, who sang 'Ka Waiata' and 'Our Mother Suzanne'. We performed two waiata, 'He Honore' and 'Tutira Mai Ngā Iwi' accompanied by Matua Tūmanako on guitar. Erena and Hannah presented Mr Mills with a koha, a beautiful carved koru, on behalf of our school community. The girls spoke the following words:

E iti noa ana, Nā te aroha.

Although it is small, it is given with great love.

Ko te āhuatanga o te Koru – te mataora, te whakatipū, te kaha, me te rongo. Nā te hāpori o Hato Maria, te taonga nei.

This Koru symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace and is given to you from our St Mary’s community.

The school leaders, Ambassador Kaiarahi, then took our tamariki on a tour of the school before we headed back to St Mary's.

Thank you again to our whānau who provided transport to and from Suzanne Aubert School for this very special occasion.


Our Day In Rotorua

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Today we’re going to the year 5 and 6 Rotorua sports exchange! There is Rippa Rugby, Football, Netball and Basketball. I’m doing Rippa with Matthew, Henry, Tom, Tyson, Erena and Hannah. Our team and a basketball team hop into the second bus. When we arrive it’s raining. I see Sammy go up to Mrs Laban and ask “ If it keeps raining will we have to go back to school?” “No! It’s supposed to clear up late morning anyway”, she replies. We go into the gym at John Paul College and get welcomed by a Kapa Haka group and we see a few other schools do their drama. After that we eat and Mr McCabe tells us that our game will be starting in 10 minutes. At 11:45 we go off to our field that we’re supposed to be playing at. We meet our opposing team and the game kicks off. Matthew starts with the ball and passes it to Henry which then runs up and spins past the player and we score our first try. We all give Henry high-fives and run back to our side. After a couple of minutes Matthew got a try, Hannah got one, Erena grabbed one too. Tom crosses the line, and I finally have too. Finally, the air horn goes and that signals that the game is over. We shake hands with the other team and both teams cheer for each other. Mr McCabe congratulates us and then says “You guys have another game so get ready…”

1 hour later...

Our last game, let's do this! It’s about 1-1 right now so we’re doing alright. They have the ball so I go and rip one of the fastest players. That was the last rip before it was hand-over so we now had the ball. Erena has the ball - oh no! A boy’s tried to rip her and she's fallen! She's crying! Now she's hobbling off the field! Ouch! My teammates have passed the ball to me but there's 4 people surrounding me. I run at them and spin which makes me get through and I get a try! A few minutes later it’s a tie and the games just finished. Well, we still won about 4 or 5 certificates! This was the best day ever!

By Grace Raymond (Aroha Hub)

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Healthy Eating

Aroha has had a nutritionist visit us to teach us all about healthy eating and food groups. Here we are learning about label reading in preparation for our visit to Pak n Save on Friday.

Ukulele lessons

Aroha are very fortunate this term to be having ukulele lessons from Mrs Sally Washer.
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Dinner for the Homeless - May 29th

The Catholic Youth Office is looking for donations to provide those on the streets with some warm things this winter. We are looking for new or gently used warm clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, toiletries and non-perishable food items to create care packages for our brothers and sisters who are doing it tough. On the 29th May we will be hosting a dinner for the community and they will be able to pick-up these care packages, as well as receive haircuts from local hairdressers. If you are able to donate contact the Youth Office at the Chanel Centre on Grey St. Hamilton. Alternatively, if you would like more details about how you might be able to help email Danielle:

Adult Choir

Singers for the 5pm Pentecost Mass 22nd May. There will be a practice on Thursday 20th May, 7pm, St Mary Immaculate church, for anyone who would like to help lead the singing for our celebration of Pentecost. The practice will last approximately 1 hour . All are welcome to join us to make this a wonderful celebration of this special feast day.

For The Year of St Joseph

Fr Carl Telford SM will be giving a talk on St Joseph at St Columba’s Frankton. You are invited to attend on either Tuesday, 1st June at 7.00 pm or Wednesday, 2nd June at 10.00 am. There will be a short time of Adoration after each session and Confessions will also be available. All are welcome.

A-typical parents support group

Sensory Sam products will be on display at the next A-typical parents group.

Thursday 27th May, 9am at St Mary Immaculate Church

Coffee Tea and biscuits available

If you’re interested in sensory products go to and select the “shop” tab. For more information you can contact


Term 2 - Monday 3 May - Thursday 8 July

Monday 7 June - Queens Birthday

Friday 9 July - Kahui Ako Teacher Only Day

Term 3 - Monday 26 July - Friday 1 October

Wednesday 11 August - Accord Day Teacher Only Day

Term 4 - Monday 18 October - Friday 17 December (12 noon)

Monday 25 October - Labour Day

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