LTHS All Staff Update

Back to School 2018

Welcome Back!

Victoria and I are your tech team this year. I put a picture so you would be able to recognize us when you see us around campus! Victoria is the one who gets all your HelpDesk tickets. She has the magic powers to fix things and saves the day on a regular basis. We are so lucky that we get to keep her this year! Victoria also serves Gunstream Elementary, so the number one best and only way you should get ahold of her is through a HelpDesk ticket in Eduphoria. When you enter a ticket it will automatically email her and she will get a notification on her phone. Everything she does needs a HelpDesk ticket, so here are instructions in case you don't know how to do that!

I am your Digital Learning Coach and I am responsible for Instructional Technology! I am all about student learning and you will see me pop up in your PLC meetings this year. I can help you earn your 5C Badges that will get you a Chromebook, but I will admit that I like to push people out of their comfort zones a little bit. The best way to reach me is by email at

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Need Help? Feeling Lost?

I'll be available in the library with Chromebooks and laptops in the afternoon on Aug 14 and all day on the 15th if you need me. Come say hi and get help with things like eschool, Eduphoria planners, setting up your Google Classroom. Need a Learning Hub course? I can do that too!

New teachers, don't forget there is a ton of information for you at Returning teachers, you might find something helpful there as well!

Also, don't forget about The Digital Melting Pot is the place where all the Secondary DLCs in Frisco put our click sheets and help documents. If you need to know anything about eSchool it is probably in there! Remember there is a short URL to get there fast-

Check below for some eschool basic training :)

And finally, be sure to check out the DLC pinterest page at

eSchool Important Information

Important! If you get a Certificate Error when logging in to eSchool, please hit CANCEL. Otherwise a tech will have to come and fix it :0

August 14 is the official date that you can begin to use eSchool to send parent emails. Here are instructions for that if you need them. The reason is that all information has not yet been synced from Infosnap, so email addresses could be outdated. Please remember also that all schedules are not finalized yet.

If you are feeling confused about eschool- you can check out these video trainings,and/or stop by and see me next Tuesday and Wednesday in the library.

eSchool Video 1- navigating through eschool, student information, general setup

eSchool Video 2- setting up assignments, copying assignments

Please sign up!

Please join my Google classroom as I will be using this to send out information this year. You can go to Google Classroom and if you are brand new to Frisco, be sure that you sign in as a teacher first :)

Then you can click the plus button at the top right of the screen to Join my class. You will need to enter the code xv9dwhk when prompted.

5C Badges

Once again we will be doing the 5C Badge program this year. We require you to design 4 lessons with a focus on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication with digital citizenship woven through all 4. You will submit your plan, evidence of the implementation and then a reflection to earn your badges. When you have earned all your badges you can get a Chromebook! See me for more information!


Starting this year- we are automatically creating a Remind class for each class on your eschool roster. This will happen sometime on AUGUST 14. You will get an email from someone at our campus that tells you that you need to claim your accounts, but the date for that has not been set at this time. You will be able to merge some old remind accounts with new ones at this time.

Next you will send a notification to your classes. It will notify ALL STUDENTS and all parents in your classes. The way this notification will go to parents out will depend on what kind of information the parents provided during registration. If we have an email for the parents, they will get an email. If we have a cell phone, then it will text them. For students- we do not have student cell phone numbers in our Student Information System, so students will be invited by email only. You can go in and get the code so that you can tell kids to join your class on their cell phone later.

You will be able to rename these classes if you want. Rosters will be synced nightly to keep these current. You will still be able to create your own classes as well. Parent and students accounts are automatically created, and they will get a notification that their account has been created. Information for that notification pulls from eschool information. They will be able to merge these with their current accounts.

We are working on something to send out to parents before all of this happens to let them know they are about to get (possibly) 8 emails or more about Remind :)

We will send out more information as we have it- just remember this is brand new for all of us!

Cool things you can do with Remind

  • You can do voice calls with Remind (appears to parents as a regular, 10 digit number on their phone that is not your phone number)
  • Parents and students can call and text you through Remind. You can set "Office Hours" through Remind to allow them to contact you only during specific times. You can also disable the ability for parents/students to voice call you.
  • You can auto translate messages that you send through Remind. This is helpful if you have parents who speak limited English.
  • Remind now links with Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Quizlet so that you can share assignments and resources

Let me know if you need any help getting started!

Eduphoria Updates

Your profile has been now been reset in Eduphoria. This is especially important if you are transferring to us from another FISD school- please deselect your former campus and put a check mark next to Lebanon Trail. Find instructions here. The only thing I have to add to that is that if you add a profile picture, please make it a headshot of you, not a picture of your kids, your dog, or your favorite college logo.


We have 8 new carts this year, thanks to the technology department who graciously upgraded us to the standard Memorial is opening with. We cannot store all of these carts in C133 since that would overload our electrical circuits. So we have spread them out. There are now 2 carts living in the upstairs D hall Workroom, 2 in downstairs D hall workroom, 2 in upstairs B hall workroom, and 2 in the art hallway in G118.

Also new, the cart names in Eduphoria now start with a letter B,C,D, or G to indicate the hall where they live in the building. Because Eduphoria alphabetize the names, this helps group them by area. They still have the room number at the end of the cart name. For example, one of the new carts is named B Dartmouth CB Cart (15 Devices-B213) That should help you find something convenient to you a little more easily!

I also added our Block Rocker to the checkout this year. It lives in my office. It is a mobile mini sound system with a microphone and speaker. You can connect your phone to iit with an aux cable and it does bluetooth as well.

And finally, we now have a set of 10 VR goggles you can check out. There are no devices with them, but if you have students who want to use their own phones they can do that!

These can be found under mobile learning device lab in Facilities and events.

Pro-Tip- navigating to eschool

Use the short URL to get to your gradebooks fast! When you are at home, be sure to go through the portal.

Equipment Reservations

Information is coming in a whole separate Smore because we have more issues with equipment than anything else! So look for it and please read it carefully!


Please remember that over 100 impressions should go to the print center. Please do not make large quantities of copies on campus as the Print shop is cheaper! There is one color printer for teacher use, located in C133. You will not add this printer to your own machine. Instead, to print in color you need to come down to C133 (the room off the library) and login to the computer right next to the printer. This greatly reduces the number of abandoned print jobs!

Calm- meditation and mindfulness for students and teachers

The Calm app (see the video below) is a meditation aid and as a teacher you can set up a free account. If you go to this link, you can scroll down a bit and under “So how do I get started?” there is a link to submit a form. They are promoting this as a way to promote mindfulness and help kids manage their stress and anxiety. Once you submit the form, you need to wait for them to email you a certificate (it took several days for mine) with a code on it. The email will tell you how to create your account or link your account with the code, and then you will be able to login to the app and get the free access.