October 10, 2020

It was a wonderful week at Whiteley as we began to fill the second floor, when the third and fourth grade students arrived. They were excited to return to in-person learning, and we were excited to have them! Although, things are a little different due to our current circumstances, a school with children brings a sense of normalcy to everyone. We greatly miss our virtual students and hope that they are enjoying their experiences as virtual learners.

Fifth and Sixth Grade In-Person Learners

We can't wait to have you join us on Tuesday, October 13th. When students arrive to school they will enter through door 8. We will have staff there to welcome our students, take their temperatures, and have them sanitize their hands prior to entering the building. The teachers have discussed procedures and routines during their virtual class meetings but will review all those procedures on the first day. If you have specific questions about your child's class please reach out to their teacher.


As we continue to roll in more students this week, there are some procedures we would like to share with our families. We are also asking that parents consider sending an additional masks with their child to school. This will allow students to have a back-up mask for those unexpected occurrences. Below are some procedures we would like our families to help with:



-Supervision does not begin until 8:35, this is when we will begin to allow students into the building.

-Please have your child’s lanyard on and signed. Students need to have their lanyard signed for entrance into the school.

-Please pull all the way forward to allow for a continuous flow of cars.

-Parents will need to remain in their car when their student(s) exit the vehicle.

-Children need to be ready to exit the vehicle, with their backpack and lunch bag ready when you pull into the parking lot.

-Students must have their mask on when exiting the vehicle.

-All students will have their temperatures checked and will sanitize their hands upon entry.

-We ask that students remain an airplane arms length away from others.


-Students riding the bus will have an assigned seat the entire year.

-Students must wear their mask on the bus.

-Students will have their temps taken prior to entering the building.

-Students will sanitize their hands prior to entering the building.

-Students must wear their lanyards and staff will ensure there is a parent signature on the card inside the lanyard.


-Students will begin dismissing at a staggered time to ensure social distancing.

-Students will load buses immediately and sit in their assigned seats.

-Students that walk home or ride their bikes will be dismissed at 3:25.

-Students that are car riders will be lined up in sections .

-Parents will pull their cars up in the car line, and remain in their vehicle.

-Staff will call students to the car and students will walk to the car maintaining social distancing.

-Once students are safely loaded into the car, parents may pull-out of the carpool line safely.


Please make sure you are certifying that your child is healthy for school, by signing the card that is placed in the lanyard. Every Friday, the teacher will place a new card in the lanyard for the upcoming week.


We currently have some job posting for lunch supervisors. The position would involve supervising students during recess and during their eating portion of lunch. If you are interested in a lunch supervisor position you can access the posting on the website. You will want to scroll down to find the noon hour position for Frank C. Whiteley. If you have questions about this role you can email the assistant principal, Theresa Drogos (drogost@ccsd15.net ).


Breakfast is part of a relief effort related to Covid 19. This offering is for all students, regardless of need. The program runs from the first day of school until December 31, 2020. While in-person learning is occurring, each student will receive five days worth of breakfast at the end of the day on Monday. As our nutritional service department works to estimate the number to prepare, we would appreciate families completing this form if they are interested in receiving breakfast when your child begins in-person learning.


We want to invite our in-person and our virtual students to take part in our Spirit Day this Friday! This Friday, we will have Color Wars! Each grade level is assigned a color to wear to school. It is a fun way to see the different grade levels represent. The more color the better! Parents of virtual learners feel free to send your pictures of your students in their grade level color to Mrs. Rivera so she can post them on our school Facebook page.

Kindergarten - Blue

First Grade-Yellow

Second Grade-Purple

Third Grade-Red

Fourth Grade-Green

Fifth Grade - Orange

Sixth Grade - Black


The state is still requiring health exams and immunizations for all of our learners. This includes our virtual students as well as our in-person learners. They are due by October 15th. You can access information about the health exams on our district website.


October 12th-Columus Day-No School

October 13th-5th & 6th Grade In-Person Learners @ Whiteley

October 16th-Spirit Day