A Christmas Carol Play Review


A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol play by Charels Dickens gives you an superb experience of a play about a grumpy man turned joyous. The first reason you should see the play is because it's really easy to understand! You don't even have to read the book to understand what's going on. For example, you can tell Scrooge is a grumpy and inconsiderte person by the way he talks and his facial expressions. Another reason you should watch the play is because it's really funny! The characters could really make you laugh. They did this by different dialouge and facial expresons depending on the person personality or mood. An exaple of a character that made me laugh was the old maid, Meriiweather. The last reason you should see that play is because of the visuals and dialouge. The visulas help us get a feel of what the mood is. For instance, Scrooges house is painted to look run-down and dark, meaning that's what he feels. But the dialouge helpes us get a feel of what the characters personalities are. An expamle of that is how the old maids voice is dull and non-caring, meaning she doen't reallt care that much about anything, and if she does, she hides it. To wrap it all up, the play is very enaging because og the visuals and dialouge.

Sacrifices Made

Scrooge had to sacrifice many things in A Christmas Carol. One of the things he had the sacrifice was his disrespectful behavior. He sacrificed his behavior choices in order to become a better person. In my life, I have to sacrifice my free time to do homework :)