"You are a human being with a smile"

By: Jessica Mayte Rodriguez

EDIT 3318-D73

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that affects people through the use of electronic devices. It is bullying that can be transferred very quickly. Cyber-bullying happens everyday. Boys and girls, men and women are all exposed to this virus constantly. Cyber-bullying can be caused by sending inappropriate messages, rumors and lies, pretending to be someone else, revealing personal information, threatening comments, while many other different ways. All these can easily be done through e-mail, text messages, social media, and even in person.



-Always remember to never give important information online.

-Only use websites that you feel comfortable using.

- Respect yourself and the people you are connected to.

- Always think positive.

- Speak to someone you trust as soon as you feel that you are being bullied.

As a parent, How can I help?

As a parent, we should make sure to talk to our children in regards about cyber-bullying. It is always a good idea to have our children understand that they can talk to us for any help that they might need. Always make sure that you set rules for them to use social medias and know that no matter what happens, they can trust you.