The Painted Parrot

By Katie Leissner

Read about an all white parrot and his mishap that changes him forever!

Parrot is an ordinary all white parrot who goes by his normal life, but one mistake leads to an unforgettable physical change.

The painted Parrot

It was a late morning deep inside a jungle town, and Parrot was flying through the air. He was all white, and he was a favored meal to his enemy, Cat. Cat was a sly animal, and never hesitated for a Parrot lunch, dinner, breakfast or snack. Parrot flew to a branch high in the treetops, and picked a berry from a bundle of leaves. He took a bite. The berry was rotten. He thought about the marketplace and took off.

Parrot dipped and dove in and out of the poles holding the tent upright. Soon he saw what he was looking for, berries and nuts! Parrot sat on the lip of the table keeping the berries and nuts from falling to the floor. With a quick lash out of the claws, some berries and nuts were missing from the pile. Parrot looked around and saw none other than himself. He knew it was safe and took off to the rooftops, but was curtailed by a furry, black paw. Parrot looked back at who was holding his tail feathers, when he saw a catty grin.

"Hello, Parrot. Nice to see you again." Cat said with a wicked smile. Parrot got frightened. He has seen what happens to birds who get in Cat's way, and it wasn't a first pick for Parrot on how he should die. "No escaping, Parrot. I caught you fair and square." Cat said. Parrot looked over Cat's shoulder and saw Snake hiding in the apple bin. Cat tightened his grip. Parrot struggled, then got an idea. He grabbed a berry and threw it to the side of Cat.

"Ha! You missed!" Cat smiled.

"No, I didn't." Parrot watched it hit the basket as Snake was slithering out.

"Ouch! Hey!" Snake yelled. He jumped at Parrot and bumped into Cat. Cat let go of Parrot's tail and he flew away, as fast as he could. Snake hissed and slid towards the moving Parrot. Cat ran after him. Parrot swerved and ducked, avoiding the poles and rooftops. Snake yelled and Cat hissed as they ran after the bird.

"Snake, watch out for the painter!" Cat yelled. Sure enough, there was a painter with a table full of all kinds of colors. Parrot was watching Cat when... BAM! Parrot hit the table and all the colors of the rainbow spilled out of their canisters and went all over him. Parrot was green and blue and red, no longer white.

For days, he tried to wash it off, but he soon realized he would never be white again. From then on, all of Parrot's offspring were as colorful as him, and Snake and Cat never wanted to eat them, for the paint left a terrible taste in their mouth. That is how parrots became the colorful, wonderful creatures they are!

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