Discrimination in the U.S

by Avien Tirado

Who is being targeted right now in the U.S ?

People today may think that discrimination is over and that it does not exist. Well, think again. People are still being targeted by discrimination. Those people are immigrants who are new to this country and African Americans. These people suffer in the work environment and in school. I believe that the U.S today can still make a change and fix this problem.

How are immigrants being Targeted ?

Today in the U.S., many immigrants are being discriminated against. Most of this is happening in the work environment too. Many immigrants suffer in the U.S because they are not able to find a job so they can provide food and money for their families. Instead they are struggling because people today are hiring more people who have more experience and more education in the U.S. Average research shows that people born in the U.S have an easier chance at getting a job than immigrants do. I don't know about you, but I think that this is horrible and that something should be done.

How are African Americans targeted ?

African Americans get discriminated against in a different type of setting. Due to studies in the U.S, African Americans are more likely to be suspended or expelled from school than any other race. For one, I believe that African Americans are being suspended and expelled because they have been given a label saying that they are bad people. I for one think this is unacceptable. I think that this has a very big impact on their education, being out of school because they are being suspended. I think that if they are suspended they should at least have an in-school suspension and not an out of school suspension.

Why I am Writing About This ?

My point for writing this is because the U.S still has a chance to change this problem. It really wouldn't take that much work honestly. As long as we can stand together and keep discrimination from growing, we have the chance to change the U.S and make it a better place. I hope this can help people out there learn how to make a difference in someone's life and end discrimination.

5 ways to stop discrimination

  1. Make a Website or Newsletter of your own
  2. Spread Awareness through social media
  3. Share this smore with other people
  4. Sign a Petition
  5. Stand up for someone being discriminated against