The Big Red Music Machine

Cordova HIgh Marching Band & Colorguard

What do we do?

The Big Red Music Machine spends the fall semester keeping the spirit and energy up at home football games and traveling to band competitions all over Northern California.

Football Games

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Band Competitions

Besides playing at football games, the band competes with other bands by performing in parade and field show competitions.

Meet New People

There are people from band from all four classes and with a variety of different interests. When you join, you're bound to make several new friends. The band begins to meet before the school year begins, so you'll already have several new friends when you start school!

Become a Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

"The Big Red Music Machine is what it is today because someone
before you cared enough to uphold the tradition of excellence"
Cordova High Marching Band

What About School or Sports?

If you think being in band might stop you from taking any advanced classes or participating in sports, consider this:
  • Plenty of people in band take Honors/IB courses (and still get good grades!)
  • Taking band fulfills credits for the Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language graduation requirement
  • Being a part of band helps teach you how to manage your time and still get all your work done, which is helpful for more than just band
  • Several band members also play sports, sometimes more than one!
  • Coaches are usually willing to work with you if anything in band conflicts with sports

For More Info:

Cordova Music Boosters

Cordova Music Booster website with band event calendar, band director contact information, performance videos, and fundraiser dinner tickets.

Cordova High Music

Teacher website for Mr. Sims, Cordova's band director, with more information about joining the Cordova High Marching Band and links to videos of previous band performances.