The Arab-Israeli Conflict

By: Clark Parlier

The Conflict

The conflict is a fight between Muslims and the Jewish people. While the Jews are kind of spread out everywhere, so they want a place they call home. So they believe that they once inhabited Palestine. But thousands of years ago they thought they got kicked out. So they wanted their land back. While the Muslims are living there at this time. And do not want to leave the land they (own).

The Solution

These people have been fighting for around 3,000 years, so nobody could solve this in about 10 sentences. But there is a logical explanation, and all that the Jews and Muslims have to do is meet with each other and come up with a treaty that says.

The Treaty

We the Muslims and the Jews here by declare the land of Palestine to be split equally in half. Every square mile will be divided equally. Between Jewish and Muslims we will learn to live a happy life even if we are in the same country.

Jewish- We agree to the ideas on this document and we also will stop attacking with violence.

Muslims- We will be happy to live in peace and split the land in half if you will be a peaceful nation along our side.

We both will be along side each other in battle and together in peace.