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5th November,2013

Mobile Phones

I have Nokia

How did I get it?

I bought my phone.

My mom bought it herself.

For my sister phone was bought.

How much did it cost?

My phone cost 1300Lt.

Mom's phone cost 500Lt.

Sister's phone cost 200Lt.

What plan do WE use?

My plan is "Bite"

Mom's plan "Bite"

I think my sister's plan will be L-A-B-A-S

How much do we pay per month?

I pay about 30Lt per month.

Mom pay about 40Lt per month.

Sister just got the phone, so I don't know.

What is the use of mobile phone for us?

I use it for playing games and to comunicate with others

My sister use it to play games and in case of emergency to call mom

Mom use it to comunicate.