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Upscale Image Without Compromising Quality {Updated}

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Upscaling an image always produces blur images. Sometimes there comes a need when you have to increase the size of an image. Or the picture you are using is low resolution, and you want to make it better looking.

Upscaling the image is not a huge task. By using some instant image enlarger tools we can resize the image. If you are looking for a quick enlarger then use Waifu2x Image Resizer. It is an instant image optimizer software.

For the sharp enhancement, We introduce Waifu2x Image Resizer of the best enlargement, and it won't compromise with qualities. It comes with the features like easy-to-use and very handy software. Go down for more about the Waifux2 enlarger.

How to Upscale Images?

For upscaling images we have various software. All produce a similar result for enlargement of an image but it losses image quality. Waifu2x is the best solution for upscale images and make enlarge them.

Waifu is a female character with unique qualities. Waifu is the Japanese word recognized for wife in English. The Waifu2x is decided by Waifu. Waifu2x is the image enlarger tool. It helps to enlarge the image and reduce noise without losing its pixel qualities.

Why you Need Waifu2x Free Image Reszier Tool?

Online image resizer performs the image resizing a seamless process. It comes with a user-friendly interface. Even a non-technical person can perform resizing without any hassle.

No matter what your image size is, you can always change its height and width in just several clicks. Look at the benefits that the tool provides.

  • Automatic resizes photos -

You don't have to adjust the size of an image manually. The free image resizer needs height and width to be entered, and it resizes the image automatically. Unlike manual resizing, the process is quick and easy.

  • Real-time preview -

You can see the changes in real-time as the tool adjusts the size of your image instantly.

  • Select from hundreds of options -

Designhill's image resizer helps to resize images instantly, tailored to your image format and size.

  • Free of cost -

You do not need to pay any charges using this tool. It's absolutely free, and you can use it as many times as you want!

That's all! You have made it. You can download your resized image now. Waifu2x free image resizer makes it easy for you to modify the width and height of an image.

How do I Increase the Resolution of Images?

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Once an image has been taken at an appropriate resolution, it’s not probable to increase its resolution without altering its quality. While it’s entirely possible to add pixels by increasing the dimensions of the image in software, this is a process of guesswork using existing pixels, preferably something that can retroactively add details that weren’t there, to begin with.

So, once again, the best thing to do is to produce sure you are obtaining images at the highest-quality settings available on your camera. It should be clear which option this is - it will typically be considered ‘Large’, or with the particular megapixel count that corresponds to the sensor inside it.

If you have a smart camera it may also have the mentioned high-resolution mode, although this will typically only be effective when using a tripod, and with a static subject too. Even so, it will give you an image that is significantly higher in its pixel count than usual, so it’s worth considering.


1. How does this image upscaler work?

ImageUpscaler uses AI technology and deep learning to learn how to upscale images. During the enlargement process, the program will sharpen and reduce the noise of the uploaded images.

2. Is it for free to use?

This service is 100% free and no money is required. Feel free to upload your image and start enlargement.

3. Is there any limitation?

Yes. You can only upload images/photos/pictures no more than 1200px or 5Mb. Only JPG, PNG are supported. There are two ratios for you to choose from. You can upscale the image by 200% or 400%.

4. How about privacy and security?

All images will be cleared automatically every day. We will not store any of the uploaded photos and use them for another purpose.

Last Words

This article stated image upscaler software Waifu2x. It is free and easy to use the software. Also, it covers various features of Waifu2x. Read this article it covers almost all user's questions. Read this article.