Gwinnett School of Art and Music

school of arts and music

mission statement

The mission of this school is to teach talented art and music student. We make them more developed and helpful to successes with the music and art life student.

school purpose/focus

Bell set up/structure

we have a block schedule which is you only have 4 class each semester and 90 min of class. we eat lunch at 12 and leave school at 3. start time of this school is 8 o'clock and we also offer breakfast for the student in the cafeteria.

how to find our school!

We are located in Gwinnett County Georgia Suwanee.

950 Scales Rd NW #403, Suwanee, GA 30024

School Mascot/ Color

School color pink and purple: pink mean love, all student love each other and show respect each other. For purple it means creativity. Which is really useful for music and art student. Also this two bright color means our school has bright student and talented.

Peacock is our mascot because it is very pretty bird and it is related to our school which is music and art, and peacock is always calm like student painting or playing music so we thought peacock would be the best mascot.

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