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Tragedy has struck we lost another lov-....just read this...

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Medusa kicks the bucket...or more like loses her head

The well know gorgon finally gets reunited with her sisters on her way to join Hades. We can only guess where she is going...

Medusa's Love Life Story

Medusa was a wonderful and beautiful woman in her youth, but things went sour when she decided to sneak into Athena's temple to meet up with Poseidon. Athena, being angered by their ignorance and disrespect of her property and honor, decided to punish Medusa, so she cast a curse. Medusa was aghast. Medusa was horrified to find that she went from beautiful auburn hair, brown eyes and rosy cheeks to gray eyes, pale skin, and snakes for hair in a night. Poseidon no longer wanted to see Medusa. We can only guess why Poseidon no longer dated her. It may have been her looks or maybe because anyone who looked her in the eyes would turn into stone. Medusa, still in love with Poseidon, was furious with Athena and has vowed she will never forgive Athena.

Medusa's childhood story

Medusa was a gorgon born to a family of eight. Her parents were Phorcys and Ceto. She had two gorgon sisters (Euryale and Sthene) and three grace siblings (Enyo, Dino, and Pephredo). Medusa was very beautiful when she was a baby and child she also was very pretty when she was an Adult, but that all changed when she frustrated the god Athena when she snuck into her temple to meet her boyfriend Poseidon.

Bio on Medusa

name: Medusa

species: Gorgon

birth: November 13, 263 B.C.E.

death: June 21, 2005

parents: Phorcys and Ceto

children: Pegasus and Chrysaor

siblings: 2 sister gorgons and 3 sibling graces

In Honor of Medusa

In honor of Medusa, we will be holding a funeral in Sally's

Herpetarium on June 21 (for more information look below) also in


of sending flowers please tell Poseidon she still loves

him and use her head to kill Athena.