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June 3 2015

Your 31 Second Commerical

The 31 Second Commercial term has been around for a while. It is a great idea to be prepared with something to say.

Your 31 second Commercial could contain these things.

• Introduction/Name of the product

• What do you use it for

• Your role in the business

• Question: "When was the last time you booked a party?"

For example: Someone has complimented you on the 3 Large Utility Totes you use to separate your items at the Grocery store…. Customer in Line: "I love how you separate all your items into different totes. That is such a good idea!" You: "Thank you. It really is. This way I know my kids cereal isn't going to taste like Windex. Hi. My name is Kate, I am a Thirty-One Consultant. These are our Large Utility Totes. They are great for separating my groceries, but I also use them at the ballpark. They are so versatile. And I LOVE this grey wave pattern. ALL of our products are so great at keeping me organized. So fun! When was the last time you hosted a party. I would love to give you my card and schedule a time to talk."

Keep it simple and informative and ask for the booking.

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Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director