Joy of Reading!

Why not Read?

Not because it's will exercise your intellect or develop your personality

Not because it'll expand your or your child's vocabulary

Not because it'll help your child to express their ideas better

Definitely not because your neighbor is doing it

And not because reading this pulled your heartstrings

But because reading takes us to places where we have never been, perhaps may never go or probably don’t even exist.

Because reading gives you perspectives & opinions.

And with Read42, we ensure that you are never too far away from a paperback book.


Family Package

  • Cherry picked collection of age-appropriate books for the entire family
  • Categories available: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children books, Management & Self help books, Comics & Graphic novels, magazines & Coffee Table books
  • Delivery on order
  • Circulation of latest books every fortnight irrespective of the order

When & Where

Thursday, Aug. 15th, 10am-6pm

Club House, Adarsh Palm Residences