All About Me!

Dalya Abubaker


Hi, my name is Dalya Abubaker and I'm 16 years old. I was born in Toronto Ontario on a cold morning on February 18, 2000. I got to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I'm in grade 10. I have one older brother and one younger sister. My favourite thing is my phone I'm on my phone like 90% of the time. I like to go places and have fun I don't want to stay inside and be bored I like to have an adventure. also my favourite colour is purple. im obsessed with the colour that all i see in the world is purple at least on outfit i wear includes the colour purple.

my life line

when I got my phone

The day I got my phone was the happiest day of my life because I have been asking for a phone for like six months and finally on December 24, 2015 I got my phone and my parents got me the phone I always wanted. The phone was a sign to my parents that they can trust me enough to get me a phone.

my favourite things


My Leadership Style

The type of leadership that I am is I am a leader as a joiner. Which basically means that I see myself as a member of the team and don't want to take charge of what to do. That's my leadership because I don't want to be the person in charge and tell everybody what to do and be a leader. I more of a follow what the person in charge tells me what to do and listen to what the instructions and how to do it.

my influences

My best friends

My influences in my life are my friends without them I don't know were I will be without them. they say friends come and go but best friends are for life. my best friends have been there for me when I'm sad and made me laugh so many times. I'm so glad I have friends like that in my life.

Role Model/ people in my life

My role Model

My role models are my parents because they do everything for me anything I ask for they give it to me. They struggle to get money and get the stuff I want but they sacrifice everything for me and my sister and brother. They try and try to make me happy and I'm totally grateful for what they have done for me they are the best parents I can ever ask for. All my parents do is to help me to succeed and try my best at school they give me so much help like tutoring and tell don't give up and keep trying and some day you will make it in life and have a happy life. My parents are the best and that why my parents are my role models.

my future

my future

My future career plan I was thinking of becoming a pharmacist technician. To achieve this goal I would have to take chemistry and biology in grade 11 and 12. I would have to have some experience so I would take co-op to get some experience in the medical field. When I graduate high school I would go to university or got to Med school. I was thinking of going to York university or the university of Toronto. when I am done university I would go and find a job for a Pharmacist technician.

my family symbol

Most Beautiful Athan (Azan) by Mishary Rashid al-Afasy
The Flash | Extended Trailer | The CW

personality test results

Learning styles test

The way my learning style is I can understand work when I do it a couple of times I find it help me to understand what I'm doing. another way that helps me understand work is when I hear it when someone explain something one and then gives me and example that clear and easy to understand it help me do my work if I don't understand something. doing the work is kind of hard to me and sometimes the instructions are not clear enough for me so when a teacher comes and explains it step by step and gives me an example then it helps and I can do the work.

Knowledge Test

my top topic is physical education because at school I'm not that good at subjects like math,science and history. but with physical education like when I m in gym is good at the sport, we play there. I like to play sports and be outdoors but I'm also lazy so it's really hard to go outside and trying to be active. but when it in gym class the sports that we do is really fun and I find it really way to stay active and healthy. so the test was really a perfect match for me but I also I do like to learn about the subject at school but doing sports or doing physical education is more my way of learning.

motivation test

The most part of the quiz is accurate to me because I like to be by myself and do work independently but sometimes I like to do work in a group of people I find if I don"t know what to do then the people in my group will know what to do or explain it to me instead of asking the teacher. I find I do work for myself it's better because it's my own work and I don't have to rely on someone if the did the own work. I like to be independent because then I'm the boss I could do it my own way and no one will tell me what to do or how to do it it's all me.

interest test

My interest type is trail blazer which basically means I like to take risks and try new things and am sociable and energetic. I don't like to follow the rules I make my own rules and do what I want when I want but I will follow some rules. I like to work with people because I find it really helpful because when you work with other people they will help or explain it to when you get lost or confused they will guide you to do it so I like to work with people. I think it's better to trust your instincts then trust anything else because if your instincts tell you its right its about 90% right but you can't always trust your instincts with most things. so this quiz is almost accurate to me because the artist choice is that I don't like art or playing music or being creative in a dramatic way. but I am very creative when it comes to work.

personality test

My personality type is ENFP which means that it (Extroverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, Perceiving). which basically means that I need room to explore and be creative. they focus on the world around them. so I examine and see everything and explore everything. I'm very observant and very creative. I love to hang out with my friends and make them laugh because if were all happy then nothing bad happened. the test was very accurate to me because I am very energetic and I love to laugh and have fun and is kind of immature for my age but that what makes me be happy and have fun in my life before I'm an adult and have real responsibility to do.

Multiple Intelligences Test

My strongest MI is section two and section five section two is musical strength and section five is interpersonal strength. The second strongest MI is section three also section six and section eight is interpersonal strength. Section three is your logical term section six is Kinesthetic strength and section eight is . My third strongest one is section one and is section nine is. Section focus is on Naturalist strength and section nine is your Visual strength. My weakest ones are section four and section seven. Section four focus on Existential strength and section seven is for Verbal strength.

The results were a little surprising because my weakest one was verbal strength and i love to talk and that section i got the lowest points for that section. I was surprised that my strongest MI is section two which is musical strength and section five which is interpersonal strength. I don’t like to play a musical instrument but i like to listen to music it helps me focus on work.

Since my strongest MI are musical strength and interpersonal strength it will help me study and get better because when i listen to music i remember the lyrics so easily because they rhyme so when i put my notes into rhymes and that will help me to remember what to do if i'm ever on a test. My other strength is interpersonal so if i’m reading a book and i can like tell when the character if it's sad or angry even though the author doesn’t tell us. But i don't think that interpersonal will help me in my learning but musical will i can work better when i'm listening to music it helps me by distracting what's around me and helps me focus on my work.

my true colours

I do agree with the true colours because it said that i was adventurous and I kind of am. I do like do be adventurous and take risk in my life i try new things because its to fun to be boring I have to take risks in my life. I want to be a winner i'm really competitive when it comes to games I want to be the winner and I will find a way to cheat if I have to but its not fun if I don't win.

I like to be outside or trying something that i didn’t do before I have always wanted to go skydiving and it looks scary but that rush that you will get for taking a risk is pretty amazing. I have always wanted to do something risky but not dangerous. I like to be free not at home in my room all day I want to be outside in the world doing something that is really fun.

Its also said that being orange is to be energetic and playful and fun. I am very energetic and I love to laugh i’m really playful and a little bit immature at times but that how I see how to be fun. I'm very optimistic i’m always happy even when i’m tired. I find its always to be happy and then that when the adventure starts.