Monday Memo

Week # 14 - November 17, 2014

Dates to Note

Tuesday, November 18: Boys Basketball Game @ Lakewood Middle School (Auburn)
Friday, November 21:
Community Coffee with Megan 8:45-10:00
Deadline to order Oak Farm Spirit Wear
Monday, November 24: Boys Basketball Game @ Central Christian (Fort Wayne)
Tuesday, November 25: Grandparents Day
Tuesday, November 25: INSERVICE - specific details to come
Wednesday - Sunday: SCHOOL CLOSED... I am THANKFUL for all of you!!!
Saturday, December 6: Faculty Holiday Party - please RSVP online!
Tuesday, December 9: Lower Cook Day
Wednesday, December 10: Primary Cook Day
Thursday, December 11: Boys Basketball Game @ Canterbury (Fort Wayne)
Friday, December 12: Infant/Toddlers Closed
Friday, December 19: 10:00-11:30 AM Rec Room Middle School Puppet Performance

Grandparents Day - Details

If you have a question or concern - give Macy, Kelly or Sarah a shout...they will be happy to help!

Last week's memo had all the various duties posted for everyone - be sure to take a look at that so you are aware of what your duties are that day. Please touch base with us if you have any questions or can't track down the info.

Faculty Childcare for Inservice

Please let Macy know if your child(ren) will be in childcare Tuesday after Grandparents Day.... She is wanting to make sure she has coverage, but doesn't want to line someone up if it isn't necessary. Thanks for letting her know ASAP!

Inservice Schedule

11:45 - 12:00 Dismissal
The Inservice will be held at the Art Center... easy way to get your car, huh?!

12:00 - 12:30 Catch a ride on the Oak Farm Bus to get over to the Art Center - if you are in the Victorian House, please grab a drum to return to the Art Center

12:30 - 1:00 Lunch - Oak Farm is THANKFUL for you... so, lunch is being taking care of! Subway will be provided for all... a variety of sandwiches, chips & cookies!

1:00 - 3:00 Inservice Meeting for ALL classroom teachers and specialists

You will be free to go once the meeting is finished... and if your hours have you leave prior to 3:00 - no worries, leave when your shift is over.

Friday, December 19 - Middle School Puppet Show

All Toddler, Primary and Lower Classrooms are invited to come to a puppet show that will be performed by the Middle School students. This will be held in the Victorian House Rec Room from 10:00 - 11:30.

Summer Camp.... Who's Interested?!

Friends - Summer Camp Planning Season has begun! If you are interested in learning more - please contact Macy, Oak Farm Camp Counselor (that just sounds fun!) Maybe you already have an idea of what you would like to offer... if so, let Macy know.

For those who are new to this - it is not mandatory to offer anything, but it is a great way to stay connected with the students, offer a great service to the families and a nice way to make some money over the summer!

Last year was a hit... can this summer be even better?! Information MUST be finalized by December 19 - in order to get information sent out in January.

Attendance - Favor

If you know why a child is not present, can you please make note of that on the attendance slips along with how you know... for example:
  • Charlie - ill - mom texted
  • Emory - family time - dad called
  • Eliza - vacation - mom emailed

This will help me when I enter in attendance - entering all information we know is helpful.


Happy Birthday to you....

November 16: Happy Birthday YESTERDAY, Lori Z!
November 18: Happy Birthday TOMORROW, Flor!

Happy Snow Delay Day, Friends!

Snow Day - Toby Lightman

Snow Day Challenge... If we have a snow closing this year, write & send Macy a haiku! (or write a song like this one!)