There is a killer on the loose and his name is GRENDEL.

Looking for a strong hero that is willing to take on Grendel.

Grendel is a strong creature that has been woken from his underwater lair. He has been running around loose feeding on our town. His long sharp teeth rip right through our little bodies. We need someone who can put a stop to this unwanted monster. We all want to feel free again in our own homes.

Things you need for this job:

  • Need to be brave
  • Need to be someone with super strength
  • Need to be someone who is fast
  • Needs to be someone has supernatural ability
  • Needs to be someone who is willing to die for our town


Tuesday, March 17th, 9pm

2065 East Holly Grove Road

Lexington, NC

Anyone who thinks they can take one Grendel will meet her for an interview to see if we think you have what it takes to save our town. You will be judged on many ways and will have to prove your self to the whole town that you have what it takes to bring down Grendel.