John Adams

By Nick Gutierrez and Ankit Pradhan

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John Adams was a young lawyer and a revolutionary during the times of colonial independence. He was a cousin of Samuel Adams and was married to Abigail Adams, an early female activist. John Adams was a delegate of the first and second continental congress. He was known for his political philosophies such as "nations are forged in the fire of adversity." John Adams was also a just and fair man as he would prove in his defense of the soldiers guilty of the boston massacre, because only 2 were found guilty. Adams was an adept individual who was a founding fathering, impacting the American colonies during the revolution and as second president.

Historical significance

John Adams was one of the founding fathers of America. He helped in writing the Declaration of Independence and proclaim freedom for the American colonies. He was part of both continental congresses. Through his contributions during the revolution and as president, he shaped American society in its early years.


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