Mrs. Wagner's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs.Wagner's First Grade Class

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Mrs. Wagner

by Camila

Mrs. Wagner is nice, and she is nice to others. We like to do math with her. Mrs. Wagner has two dogs. She likes to play with her dogs. Mrs. Wagner is a twin. She does math and tells us we have to learn about math.

by Wesley

Mrs. Wagner is super kind, and she gives us a lot of math to learn more. She is super fun and lets us play in playgroups. She is super nice and super friendly. Mrs. Wagner lets us go in a chat with our friends.

by Charvi

Mrs. Wagner always helps us learn. When we make mistakes, she helps us. She helps us write and learn from our mistakes. She gives us breaks when we are tired. Mrs. Wagner helps us write, and when we write something wrong, he helps us sound out the words.

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by Nicole

We are drawing about the weekend. We write the weekend news. We use snapwords.

by Ben

We like writing in the school days. We get to burn our energy and drain it by writing. We like making writing and sharing our weekend news. Writing is the last part of the day.

by Theresa

We do writing like the weekend news. We tell about the weekend and how it goes.

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by Brady

We really enjoy it because it makes our brain imagine everything in the book. We are sounding out words. We like to stop and look at the pictures. We like detailed books. We really love reading because it makes us feel happy. We really feel happy when we see pictures because there are really cool books with cool pictures. And that is how we get smart. We like how reading makes us very excited.

by Hasini

Reading is fun. We learn words, and we practice words. We can spell words if we read. We love reading because it is fun. We learn lots of stuff when we read.

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Our Class

by Jose

Our classroom has 7 people. We have desks and chairs. Inside our desks, we have the stuff to make our brains stronger, like pencils, markers, writing books, and whiteboards. We have a big TV to show Mrs. Wangor's computer and shows us math and how to measure stuff.

by Aaron

I like my class because it is the best. We have friends. All the kids in my class are friendly. There are boys and girls in Mrs. Wagner's class.

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by Advik

We are learning measuring in math. We are measuring hula hoops. We were using a piece of string. We were learning how to add numbers and subtract numbers.

by Alex

Mrs. Wagner gives us math equations, and sometimes we do mental math and drawing math. When we are done, we go to break-out rooms and share with our friends, then we go to the main room and share with the class.

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by Katie

We usually have playgroups at the end of the closing circle. There are many games we do. We chit-chat, paint, toy group, zoo safari, and heroes groups. On Friday, at the end of the school day, we play Among Us with our friends if our parents allow us.

by Mason

We get to do Go Noodle every day, and it is fun. We dance and exercise. We listen to a read-to-me book.

by Krithik

Mrs. Wanger is very nice. She lets us play Among Us on Fridays, and we get to direct draws on Zoom. Mrs. Wagner shows us her screen and how to draw something, like the globe.

by Six

Something fun about school is that in our virtual classroom, there are so many things to do. We can make music and do anything we want. It is a great place to go when we are sad. You can cheer up!

by Akshara

On Fridays, we have an after-school fun game of Among Us. We play two or three rounds. When we play, we have to figure out who the imposter is, but we should never tell who the imposter is.

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by Faizah

We do science activities. We watch a video and write the answers. Mrs. Aimee makes the science videos. We learned about plants and then at our school pick up we got some seeds we could plant. Now we are learning about shadows.

by Shaurya

Mrs. Aimee makes the science video, and we learn about shadows and plants. We got plants from our teacher. We learned about shadows, plants, and seeds. If something blocks the sun's light, a shadow appears. You can see a shadow at night when the moon makes light.

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