Powerful Persephone

By: Kaleigh Ingolia period 4


Persephone was a brown haired beauty. She was sympathetic, smart and powerful. One day she was out with her mom, and Hades cracked open the Earth and brought down to the underworld. Before she returned home, she ate a pomegranate seed, then later went home. She told her mom about everything and what she ate. Her mom told her that means she has to live with hades every year for 6 months. Thats how the seasons came to be. Summer is when she is home with her mom and is happy, and winter is when she is in the underworld with Hades and her mom is grieving.

Interview with Persephone


I got a chance to go up close and personal with Persephone. I got some answers and I am here to share them with you today.

I: What was it like being kidnapped by the god of the underworld?

P: Umm... It was scary and like it was just silent then the earth just cracked open and out came Hades. So as you could probably imagine I was screaming for my life and thrashing around. When got there I was emotionally upset, and the whole time I was thinking, 'Whats going to happen to me?' So..yeah it was horrendously freaky.

I: Is it true that every year for 6 months that you have to go back to the underworld and live with him?

P: Uh..yes it is 100% true.

I: If you could who would you have take your place?

P: I would have...um... I don't really know 'cause like.. wait do you mean like the kidnapping part or the marrying part?

I: Either or it's your choice.

P: I would probably have Zuess, because like not to be mean, but because that is his brother so nothing bad would happen. Atleast I hope, right?

I: Okay, so now are some questions that other people asked me to ask you. The first question is, ' What is your favorite color(s)?

P: My favorite colors are blue and pink.

I: What is you favorite season and why?

P: My favorite season is summer because its warm and I get to be with my mom.

I: Our last question is, ' Who is your idol'?

P: My idol is my mom because she so sweet and caring and I want to be like when I get older,

Compare and Contrast

Persephone and Helios

Compare | Contrast

1)Kind | 1) Male ( Helios)

2) fun | 2) Female (Persephone)

3) Myths | 3) Hero (H)

4) God/Goddess | 4) victim (P)

5) Got hair | 5) brunette (P)