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Human Resources Department- May 2019

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Summer Administrative Office Hours & 12 Month Employees

Summer Work Schedule for Twelve Month Employees

Summer office hours will begin on Tuesday, May 28 and end on Friday, July 19. Your building or department leader will inform you of the coverage necessary to ensure customer service is maintained, and some employees will have the option of working a 10-hour day, four days a week. Employees working at sites supporting the 2019 Explore program will not be eligible to participate in the 10-hour/4-day option. Employees working a 10-hour, 4-day week may access additional information at this link.

The summer dress code will once again include comfortable, but suitable, casual work attire. Casual slacks, Capri pants, and sport shirts or blouses are acceptable; however, this does NOT include shorts or t-shirts. Professional attire is expected when public meetings are scheduled.

Should you have any questions, please visit with your supervisor.

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SPS Retiree Banquet- May 7, 2019 at 4PM (KAC)

Congratulations to all of our retirees! Thank you for your service with SPS! We wish nothing but the best for you in the next chapter of your life.
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Work Calendars 2019-2020

The work calendars for 2019-2020 are now posted on the SPS HR website. The calendars were built based off of the Board approved 2019-2020 school calendar and in compliance with the Board approved Salary Schedule and Collective Bargaining Agreements, respectfully. Feedback was obtained by department leaders and then approved by SPS's Executive Leadership Team. If you have a question regarding your work calendar, please contact your direct supervisor or HR.
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Valid Teaching/Administrator Certificate Reminders & Advanced Degrees

Staff members working in positions which require a Missouri teaching certificate are responsible for having an active certification in the appropriate content area in order to be hired for or continue to be employed by the District. Teachers with expiring certificates are required to contact the Department of Secondary Education (DESE) or HR for information regarding the appropriate process for renewal or application of teaching certifications.

  • DESE Certification Information
  • Be Proactive! Individuals can review when his/her certificate expires here! (Select Springfield Public Schools, Type in your name, social security number, etc.).
  • If you have recently received a teaching certificate, and are in a position that does not require a teaching certification, you will be required to change from the PEERS retirement system to the PSRS retirement system. This change will be necessary from the date the certification is attained. Contact HR to update your certification information.
  • If you have attained (not previously held) a Master's degree; Master's Plus 30; Specialist's degree or a 2nd Master's degree (comprised of at least 30 hours); or a Doctorate degree, submit all appropriate documentation to HR for a step on the salary schedule by one of the two designated times for a step increase- transcripts must be received by Sept. 15 or Jan. 15.
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Mercy Classes for SPS Employees

Mercy will be offering 2 different topics

May 29th will be Asthma

August 7th & 8th will be Diabetes

Diabetes is a 2-class presentation and you are encouraged to attend both as content is different for each session

Diabetes, we will cover:

  • What is diabetes and how do I reduce my risks and complications?
  • Creating a meal plan that works for me and my life.
  • How to get active and stick with it?
  • All about the medications.

Asthma, we will cover:

  • What is asthma, what are triggers
  • Understanding and managing medications

RSVP: Becky Snavey at 417-841-5671 or Becky.Snavely@Mercy.net

  • Drawings for those attending!
  • Seating will be limited, plan ahead and reserve a seat today
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School Police Officers

You may notice your School Officers wearing a black mourning band on their badges the next week and a half. This has become tradition for law enforcement officers to wear mourning bands in honor of officers who have passed away in the line of duty. Police Memorial Day is May 15 and this holiday was created when Congress authorized the President to designate May 15 as a day to honor peace officers. President John F. Kennedy signed the bill into law October 1, 1962. Thank you for your support of School Police and our mission of safety and protection for our students and staff.

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Life Events

Contact Human Resources 417-523-4647 or humanresources@spsmail.org if you have moved, have a name change or need to update other personal information.
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Notice of Separation (How Do I Submit My Intent to Resign or Retire?)

When you have taken the big step of retirement or have other life changes and need to resign, please submit your notice by following the "Notice of Separation" steps in the attached document. Do not hesitate to reach out to HR if you need assistance.
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Direct Deposit Changes

Effective 5/6/19: In order to ensure that all direct deposit changes are initiated by the employee, effective immediately, all changes will be required to be completed in person, in the payroll office*, with a district ID. No fax/copies allowed, nor originals through mail.

New employees are allowed to continue the completion of direct deposit forms within TalentEd.

If there are pre-printed copies of the current direct deposit form at your location, please destroy and replace with the updated form (see attachment). Employees may also access the form by logging into Employee Self Service.

*Transportation employees will be allowed to make changes in person, in the transportation payroll office with Ken Koenig, with a district ID.

SPS Climate & Culture Survey Data Collection

The climate and culture survey data collection is underway. We appreciate those who participated in collecting this data.

Human Resources Department

Don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions!