Myuna Bay Camp

Come to Myuna Bay and have the time of your life!

Come to the best camp in the world!

Myuna Bay camp is the best place for kids to go for fun.

Go sailing, go canoeing, go swimming, do anything you've ever dreamed of doing.

Get some exclusive offers for your school and stay here for three days!

Night Activities

Two of the three nights you come here you get to enjoy two different night activities.

On the first night you get to enjoy working at a stall at a County Fair! Have fun trying lots of different things at stalls.

On the second night you're there enjoy doing a games night doing all sorts of challenges with everyone to show all your skills to everybody.

Guaranteed to be Fun and Adventurous

Extra Info

At camp we do:

  • archery
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Rock climbing

All those types of things.

We leave for camp on the 4th of March and come back on the 6th.

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Everyone Loves It!