Proposals Are Ready

See you September 24th

Loudoun Impact Fund Requests Exceed $385,000

The Loudoun Impact Fund has attracted 39 applicants, with a bit less than $65,000 in funding. Friends . . . your work is cut out for you!

While many of you are seasoned grantmakers, some are new to the pleasure. Here are a few essential guideposts for everyone.

  • Dropbox: I've uploaded all the electronic documents from each applicant. Call my cell if you're having any issues getting in: (304) 433-2800. You'll be getting, in your email, an invitation to join the dropbox folders allowing access to the applications.
  • Conflict of Interests are inherent AND useful: It is very important that we have your full disclosure to share with your peers regarding your involvement and/or donor support for a specific charity. Your first-hand knowledge of an organization is very helpful, but understanding your level of endorsement and involvement is essential to the grant making process.
  • About that Spreadsheet: You'll see that proposals are lined up in a random (not alpha) order. This is intentional; flip to the last page of the spreadsheet for an alpha listing of proposals if that is helpful.
  • Beware the metrics. While the Spreadsheet cites how many individuals will be affected by the requested grant (and this can be a VERY useful tool), as grantmakers, you must keep in mind that some populations or programs demand more one-on-one time and provide high-touch bang for the buck for fewer beneficiaries.
  • Each applicant was required to submit a number of attachments and supplemental materials; however, not all file the same thing at the same level. The Form 990 is the annual tax return filed by a charity. This offers insight into salaries of key employees, for example. The annual Audit or Review provides a third party summary of the organization's financial practices. All applicants appear to "present fairly" and the notes provided did not reveal any unusual liabilities and insufficient practices. Yay.
  • Score your proposals. Score your proposals with the TOP 20 of your preferred (20 being your highest and more highly ranked, followed by 19, 18 and so on). We'll find pretty quickly which submissions rise to the top of the majority of members. That full tally will kick-start our conversations. You can use whatever litmus test you prefer (from fit within our guidelines, to populations affected, to well-thought out budgets, to your gut, to long-standing groups, to newly seeded programs, to a mixture therein).
  • Oh Boy, homework: Send me your scores. It would be GRAND if you each could send me your top 20 Scoring applicants no later than Tuesday 5:00 PM September 22, You'll see a score sheet in the Dropbox folder called Guidelines for LIF members. Procrastinator? OK then: When you walk in the door for our meeting the 24th, immediately hand your scores to me. You can have a glass of wine; I'll be in the corner plugging in your tally.
  • I'm not a voter, but I'll chime in. Working knee deep with many of our applicants over the past three years provides me with my own personal knowledge and "under the hood" look within an organization. While I don't have a vote, I will offer my thoughts when appropriate and Lesley with CFNOVA will, too.
  • Lastly, you are awesome. You rock. You are a change maker. Funds distributed within the Loudoun Impact Fund are highly prized and represent one of the very few local grant processes available to our Loudoun charities. That's happening because of your pooled resources and shared vision. Thank you! See you on the 24th. Details about our host, Teresa Wheeler, are below.
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Grants Review Meeting

Our grants-review meeting is set for September 24th, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. It will be hosted by Teresa Wheeler, Wheeler Farm, 15922 Old Waterford Road, Paeonian Springs, VA 20129. (Thank you, Teresa!)

Often, Giving Circle members like to do a bit more research on the charities applying. If the group determines a second meeting necessary, we've reserved October 8th, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Healthworks, 163 Fort Evans Road, NE, Leesburg, VA.

Please Save These Dates

Have you yet to make your gift, or know someone who is interested in joining the Loudoun Impact Fund? Members are still welcomed! Forward this email, or click through to the giving portal at Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties, or mail your fully tax-deductible $1,000 gift (individuals) $5,000 (foundations or corporations) to CFLNFC. It all supports the Loudoun Impact Fund!