Trepa Times

Week thirty-one

Summer School

In looking at the data from our google form, it would appear we have very few staff members that are firmly committed to teaching summer school this year. We are split evenly as to which schedule works best:

June 27-30, July 11-14, July 18-21, July 25-28

June 20-23, June 27-30, July 11-14, July 18-21

If you were one of the "maybe" respondents, please see me to discuss any concerns you may have committing to teaching summer school. I plan to post this week and would like to solidify the dates that the majority of the people prefer.

Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to Kitty McAndrews! Kitty will be the district's "traveling" Academic Interventionist. Our district data will determine which schools Kitty will serve and for how long. She will be in a school for at least one semester. As a result, we now have a 3rd grade opening in our building. The posting remains internal for five days. The third grade team will participate in any fit interviews that take place.

SET scheduled

If you recall, we have someone come every year to assess our status regarding our PBIS implementation. Our kids do a FANTASTIC job of being able to state what ARMOR stands for, but in past years, it was our adult population that needed some reminders! So, study up :)...our SET is scheduled for:

Wednesday, April 13th around 10:30 a.m.

Cookies and Conversations

Just a reminder that we will meet in the library. Lead District Nurse Roxanne Schmertmann and District Director of School Nutrition Kayla Leu may be joining Theron. The topic of discussion will be safe treats and snacks as the District is looking at implementing restrictions and guidelines on what food will be acceptable for parents to bring into school for celebrations and/or snacks. Pleasant Valley implemented something similar three or four years ago. The purpose of the meeting is to share information, gather our input to share with the Wellness Committee and eventually bring to the board for approval.

Duty Schedule

Gym: Hayward/Milburn

Bus: Chitty

Pick Up Area: Ziegenhorn

Crow Creek: Parker/Retzl

Tune Up Tuesday

Our Tune Up Tuesday this week is Hallway.

Julie's Schedule


8:00 Secretary B Interview

9:45 Pre-observation conference

1:30 Secretary B Interview

2:15 Secretary B Interview

3:30 Cookies & Conversations


7:45 Professional coaching/conversation

1:30 Admin. mtg.

7:00 p.m. PTA mtg.


7:45 Professional coaching/conversation

8:45 Formal Observation

10:30 SET interview

3:30 Culture and Climate Committee

6-8 p.m. Elementary Facilities Meeting


7:30 BDT mtg.

12:30 Coaches mtg.

2:30 parent/AEA mtg


Staff Development Day