Monday Memo

March 31, 2014

Thought for the Week...

Although Fridays are always looked forward to because of the coming weekend, I have also always welcomed Mondays...a fresh start after a relaxing and regenerating weekend. We have so many wonderful educational happenings here at Unami and such an incredibly devoted faculty and staff. Although there are always challenges, let's remember to do our best to stay focused on our blessings and the supportive and tight knit community we possess.

Unami Happenings

Week At A Glance

PSSA Make-Up Testing--Be sure to check your mailboxes for PSSA Make-Up Passes. All make-ups must be completed this week. PSSA shipments go out on Friday!!! Thank you to everyone for your flexibility, patience, and devotion last week. 8th Grade PSSA Writing begins next week. Thank you to Kathy H. for all the delicious treats!!!
Wednesday-8th Grade Orion Trip to Washington D.C.
Friday- Early Dismissal (Periods 1,2, and part of 3)
  1. School Wide Positive Assembly in Auditorium (more details to follow)
  2. Building In-Service-Library @ 12pm
  3. Talent Show @ 7pm

Unami R-ROCKS Recognition Slips

Our new recognition slip is now located on our Intranet Site. Consider nominating a student today!

Unami R-Rocks

Classroom Environment

When preparing for our lessons, how much should we know about our students? What makes them tick? Should we be looking into the affective domain when planning? Why? The linked article reinforces the importance of fun and smiles in the classroom.

Faculty Meeting

Monday, April 7th, 3pm

Unami Middle School, Chalfont, PA, United States

Chalfont, PA

CB South "First Link" students will be presenting plans to bring leadership program to Unami for 2014-2015.