Chester Elementary School

September 19, 2018

CHS Homecoming 2018

Greetings families!

CES students were fortunate to participate in some of the CHS homecoming activities, including dress up days (thanks to our PTA!) and even see the CHS parade on Friday. We are thankful for our CHS friends keeping us in the loop on all of their activities and always appreciate the opportunity to get CES and CHS students together.

What questions did you ask?

We encourage our parents/families to be involved in their child's education. One fairly simple strategy is to start a conversation with your child about their school day each evening. Often times our "go to" questions are 'How was your day' or 'what did you learn?' These questions don't always generate the detailed conversation we would like to have with our child. Some of my favorite questions include, 'What questions did you ask today?' or 'Was there anyone you were able to help today?' or "Tell me something interesting your teacher shared with you?' Scholastic Magazine have similar sample questions to start the discussions. Please visit the shared link by clicking the title "Talking to your child" above. We would like to hear your best "go to" questions that generate meaningful conversations with your child about his/her school day. We want to thank you for supporting and partnering with CES to make 2018-'19 an exceptional elementary experience for your child!

Dates to remember:

September 17 - parent conference appointments arriving in Monday folders.

September 21 - Picture Day is Friday! Flyers went home in the Monday folders. Smile big!

September 24 - please respond by this date confirming your parent conference date.

Oct 1-5 - PTA Book Fair - located in Room 18

Oct 8-12 - Parent Conferences, 1st-6th students dismissed at 1:00 (K dismissed at 12:30).