Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross by: Kinsey Baker

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Basic information and early childhood

She was the 8th child born out of 17 children born. she was taught very young how to read and write. She was the first person to ever sew the american flag. Yes she made the american flag from scratch. well technically she sewed it but still she made it.Her parents were Rebecca James Griscom and Samual Griscom. Betsy Ross was born on January 1, 1752

impact on society and also events that shaped her life and even her career

She was the first person to make the american flag or was she? Goerge Washington visited her house and asked her to sew him the american flag. Goerge was the actial that made it all she did was sew it all together. She worked at a museum. She was the first on one to ever sew the american flag though.
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overcoming obstacles why i chose this person and interesting fact

One of her overcoming obstacles would probably be when she lost her husband to a gunpowder explosion during the militia. I chose this person because i wanted to know more about her and her life. Betsy was married 3 times but all three times her husbands died leaving her being a widow. Later, Betsy died on January 30th, 1836
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work cited

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