Tips for Infant Feeding

Nathan Caban

Types of food and when to start introducing them

There's formula milk, you can breast feed. You can even breast feed by pumping a bottle and holding the bottle instead. There's solid foods, even mushy foods. There are all kinds of foods that you can feed your infant. Some foods for children younger than one year are; Mashed potatoes, carrots, or yams. Of course, timing is key. You should start introducing solid foods and start weaning your child off of formula or milk anywhere from 4 to 10 months. You'll know because the child will start to cry more, and feeding them won't help anymore.

Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a great bonding activity. It makes you and your baby closer. They begin to snuggle up to you and become more comfortable around you. However, they can also become too attached. They can become very very dependent on you, which will be hard to ween off. Plus it can exhaust you and make you frustrated. Plus, your baby could accidentally hurt you.

Pros and Cons of Bottle-feeding

Bottle-feeding is, like breastfeeding, good quality bonding time. You can look at your baby, caress them, and move much more freely than with breast-feeding. But your baby may begin to expect certain things when they see a bottle or something, it can make them fussy.

Foods to avoid

Avoid foods that are bland, get foods that will interest your child. Also, get foods that are meant for babies. Ways to know if a certain food is not right for your child are signs like an allergic reaction, etc. Signs of an allergic reaction are; Swelling, severe rash, hives, etc.

How to introduce new foods and when

Start by giving the baby just a taste of the food, to see if they like it. Give them small portions and watch how they react to the food. Introduce new foods frequently, a schedule could help. Such as, introduce a new food every 2 weeks or something.