Don't Do Cocaine

Why It's Bad For You

Stimulant that Hurts You

It’s a stimulant; coke is a powerful stimulant a drug that is increases stimulants create a sense of euphoria a feeling of energy. Other stimulants include caffeine and amphetamines also called speed of uppers.

Hurts Your Brain

What cocaine dose to your brain is it changes the way your brain works by changing the way neurons communicate. Normally once a neurotransmitter has attached to neurons reception site and squid a change in the cell cocaine, blotches the pump and causes the near. Trans matter to build up in the gaper synapse between neurons.


Finally I will tell you about the history of cocaine, thousands of years ago native of Peru and other parts of South America chewer coca leaves. In 3000 B.C. before the Inca civilization exited, the coca plant was considered a gift of the gods and was used in religious ceremonies such as funerals. It was also used by messengers who ran long distances to believer new summing the villanges.