Marriage Equality

What's the big deal?

What People Say About it

All my life I've grown up to people saying that gay marriage is a sin. Why do people say that?

They say it's because it's a 'disappointment to God' or 'it's offend god' ur in all honesty, if you think about it, it doesn't at all.

If God made humans and planned out their life's, then he would've plan for them to be homosexual, correct?

So if he planned it that why, why are people is so rude about it?

Gay adoption

Another argument that people have is that people is a gay marriage should not be able to adopt a child. They say that it depriveds the child of a mother or father. But if the parent isn't gay, they could have a deadbeat dad, or a runout mom. So really, it's a invalid argument.

A reason that they should be able to adopt, is because it's better to have two moms or two dads that one mom or one dad. Twice the love, right?

States that have it legalized.

37 of the states in America have put the ok on gay marriage. 13 of the states have not approved of it.

Is it a choice?

A lot of people say that being gay is choice that people make. But why would people who turn out gay, but live in a homophobic family, want there mom or father to be so disappointed in them that they disown there own child?