Startup Marathon 13

Turn UP & Start Up! Live & Virtual April 20, 2013

Why Startup Marathon 13 ?

I DO NOT want you to go another month sitting on your Startup. I don’t want you getting into bad partnerships, not being able to get a loan from the bank because you don’t have financials, or sitting on Facebook just waiting for the magic to happen.

Women CEO Project wants you better, screw that! We want you to be GREAT.

We hustled to put together an Impressive Team of Experts and created one of the best customized programs designed for ambitious, no excuses, new or growing entrepreneurs, ready to focus, see change, gain knowledge and increase their income.

This training Includes 4 Interactive Profit Focused, Action Oriented Power Sessions as the Experts help you maneuver step by step through the startup & growth process.

Each session was tailored to help you avoid obstacles, save you legal woes, keep money in your pocket all while distributing your brand knowledge publicity and bring in revenue.

I mean, if you’re not being Quoted, Noted or Paid what you’re worth, Are you really in Business?

Let’s change that!

Why You Should Start a Business NOW from Barbara Corcoran

Why You Should Start a Business Now, from Barbara Corcoran

Meet Your StartUP Marathon 13 Experts!

Husband and Wife Legal Team Saeed & Thais Tellawi

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What Will You Learn @ StartUP Marathon 13 ?

4 Profit Focused Interactive Power Sessions:

  • The Legal Side of Your Startup

    • How to BEST Structure Your Company to Save you Money & Cover You Azz eg. LLC, SCorp, CCorp

    • What to do BEFORE You Land in Partnership Hell

    • How to Protect Yourself Against Bad Contractors

    • When and How to use Non-Disclosures & Non-Compete Agreements

  • The Money

    • How to Create a Bulletproof Budget so You Can Plan Long-term & Keep Your Biz Afloat

    • How to Know if You’re Making or Losing Money and How to Stop It NOW!

    • How to Recognize Your Worth & Charge Accordingly

    • How to Generate Consistent Cash Flow for Your Biz

  • Action Focused Marketing Planning

    • How to Leverage Social Media Platforms to Gain Visitors to your Store, Blog or Show up @ Your Events

    • What to do with a Facebook Page After You Create it to Bring in Warm Leads & Sell Products

    • How to Build a Successful Customer Flow Stream through Internet Marketing

  • Digital Leverage Creation

    • How to Connect with Key Players Using FREE Tools

    • How to Present, Promote and Brand Yourself as an Expert in YOUR Industry

    • How to create social proof Quickly and Uniquely using hot digital tools

    • How to Set up Systems, Hire Help & Automate for Ultimate Leverage

StartUP Marathon 13 on April 20, 2013

StartUP Marathon 13: TurnUp & StartUP Live & Virtual

How MUCH Does it Cost? FIRST, the Bonuses!!!!!!

Bonuses Items Included FREE

  • Get the Ultimate Idea Jogger and Reference Package ( Value $399)

  • Get Think BIG. Startup Small eGuide ( Value $299)

  • Get Present, Promote and Sell Yourself As an Expert eGuide ( Value $299)

  • Giving away 2 scholarships to Startup Marathon from our TOP retweeters of hashtag #startup13

  • StartUP Marathon Includes a “Ask the Experts Virtual Panel Lunch” with Surprise Local and Global Entrepreneurs for LIVE Q & A and increased networking

4 Info-Filled, Profit Focused Power Sessions

4 Jam Packed, Info-Filled, Profit Focused Power Sessions AND ALL the Bonuses for small investment of $99

You Can Attend In Person OR Livestream!

To Grab Your Ticket AND Your BONUSES- Click here !!

We will have ONLY 7 seats to attend at a location in Houston, BUT UNLIMITED Seats to Attend, Interact from your computer through Livestream.

You can attend from ANYWHERE in the world!!

To see the different ways to Attend, Click here

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No EXCUSES. Attend from ANYWHERE in the World!

AND the Startup Marathon Includes a “Ask the Experts Virtual Panel Lunch” with Surprise Local and Global Entrepreneurs for LIVE Q & A and increased networking.

We don’t just want you to feel good in Startup Marathon. We want you to leave empowered and equipped with the tools needed TODAY to Get Started Up Quickly, Avoid Common Mistakes, Advance Your Brand and Create Income NOW!

GRAB YOUR SEAT NOW!!! Startup Marathon April 20, 2013 8:30-4pm Central

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