Is Technology Sent From Heaven?

Sahil Desai

Smore #11

Orwell states in 1984 that science and technology are having the opposite effect of making humans more advanced, but instead are making them more primitive. This is because technology in the novel has limited human thought and ideas so much to the point that people are rendered to not think at all and follow all orders of the government. The same effect could be happening to our present world, however not to this extent. Technology today is mostly meant to protect people, not monitor them and prevent new ideas and thoughts from forming like in 1984. There are still cases in which the government abuse technology to keep their citizens at bay. Like in 1984, any chance of rebellion is negated in that society. I don’t believe technology was sent from heaven, because in more cases than not in 1984 the government only used technology for their advantage. They didn’t use it for the better for society. Orwell is conveying that technology has done nothing but result in an instrument of repression and constant surveillance. Telescreens are placed everywhere throughout society in 1984. The feeling of being watched eliminates all privacy. Privacy is very valuable in that world, and sometimes impossible to find.