Carnival of Venice

Ido Shaked & Tomer Saban


at Venice , Italy.

Main st' Lista de Spagna

Hours And Time Open

The carnival is open all day , at 23 Jan - 9 Feb ,, 2016

Tickets Price

The enter is very expensive:

-Theres few tickets costs 100-300 EURO (per person)

-Theres few tickets costs 400-650 EURO (per person)

Where Can You Find More Information

You can find more information in the internet.( Just search about the Mask Carnival).

Also, you can find people at Italy that sell tickets ,of course in fixed price.

There are few companies that sell tickets like, Lametayel and other Known companies.

Why are we celebrate the mask carnival?

Carnival of Venice is celebrated about; a special event at Venice. Every winter in the middle of Feb.

Its about an old tradition from commedy del'arte the Italian a handreds years ago.

The carnival is a renovation to the tradition (the carnival is continued about 30 years ago).

How is it celebrated?

The carnival is celebrated with masks that maded from a paper pulp and dried and topping with a special material.

Usually the people that celebrate are wearing beautiful and wierd clothes.

There are some people that doing parades and street performances.

Carnival Venice Video: Luxury, History and Traditions of Venice Carnival (Video HD)