Energy Saving Light Bulbs

By: Sydney H, Kate B, Jasmin M, and Camila S

Our plan

We will be saving energy by


- Lights last up to 10 times longer

- Uses 75% less energy

- Will illuminate 1,667 days when

normally lights last for about 167 the environment.


- Less likely to have power outages

- Mostly good for the environment


- Cost increases 10%

- Produces less heat ( less heat in winter )

- Mercury in the light does not benefit the environment.

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Environmental friendly LED tube for parking lot lighting,office lighting,household lighitng

Installation process

The lights will be installed by CISD maintenance. CISD will maintain the lights and notify then CISD maintenance when something needs to be fixed. We will need to get approval from Coppell Middle School West's principal Mrs. Froze and CISD.

Cost Information

The cost of Installing the new eco friendly lights would increase about10% from what it cost now. But it would be very beneficial for the environment and saving energy. We would earn the money by school fundraisers such as fun runs, carnivals, and bake sales. We would also earn money by donations from parents and students.