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May 2021 Newsletter

A note from the Principal...


We are in a wonderful part of the school year, and it is extra special right now as we welcome back a majority of the VPS students to a daily schedule. The children are so happy! It was sweet to see a child throw her hands up in the air and exclaim "I have not seen you for so long!" upon noticing a long-lost friend when she walked into the building on Monday! Another child looked at me with a big smile and shared "Wow...I've never seen this many people here before!" Seeing a pair of children hand-in-hand skipping from the dining room back to the classroom made my heart sing! There are many magical moments like this each day. What a gift to see it all play out in such a positive way for the children.

A great big 'thank you' to all the parents and guardians who simultaneously stepped up into the unique parent/teacher role as well as supporting the vast effort on our part to create a quality school experience despite the challenges. Your partnership in this quest has been appreciated and noticed.

Best wishes for however your family enjoys celebrating the arrival of spring!



Danielle M. Dehm, Ed.D

Interim Principal

Thank you for ordering breakfast online HERE by 8:20AM

... so we can ensure your child gets the meal you intend each day!

Required Transportation Form For All Families

Please complete this form for your child indicating your child's transportation needs for September 2021, even if you are NOT requesting bus services. This provides an opportunity to maintain current phone numbers and email addresses. This form should be returned via email to The children also brought home a form in hard copy. We only need one returned in some fashion by June 1. Thank you!

Free Author Visit!

Jerry Pallotta is the most popular author in our library, and has been for years. He visited us in a blizzard a few years ago for a delightful, informational author visit, and when Mrs. Linse found out he was offering Zoom Visits, the PTSA agreed to support this community event for all ages.

The author Jerry Pallotta of "Who Would Win" fame will be on zoom for our community at 4:30PM on Thurs May 13th. Register with Mrs. Linse for the FREE link.


VCS BookFace Challenge

Take a funny selfie staging a book as your face and share it with our community. Thanks to Mrs. Burke!

Family Support for At Home Learning

Thank you to School Counselor Kara Kupinski for gathering these resources in response to the data received from the March 2021 parent survey

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Suzuki String Sign Ups!

Fill out this form to join Mrs. Lowe as a strings student!

Science is All Around Us

As many gardens are starting to grow, let’s take a closer look at seeds!!! Try doing a seed study at home! The next time you are at the grocery store (or take a look in your refrigerator), pick up some fruits or vegetables that you think or know have seeds! Here’s a great list to help you get started:

  • Grapes (with seeds)

  • Peach or nectarine

  • Tomato

  • Orange or other citrus

  • Apple

  • & so many more!

With help from an adult, slice each one open and talk about what you notice. What does it look like inside? How are the seeds protected? Then, use a toothpick or pry out the seeds, carefully, with your fingers. Once you’ve separated the seeds from the rest of the fruit, have a chance to look at the seeds up close!! If you have a magnifying glass, this is a great time to take it out to get a better look. Think about and discuss the following questions:

  • How many seeds are there?

  • Which fruit held the most seeds?

  • What do the seeds look and feel like?

After you’ve had time to explore and look at the seeds of different foods, make sure to eat the food or find a way to put it into a special recipe! Enjoy exploring the seeds of foods to see where the plant life cycle begins!!!

From the Health Office

Please call the Health Office if your child will be absent from or late to school (even due to a medical appointment) at 924-3252, ext. 3412. You can also email: Please be sure to communicate the child's first and last name as well as the teacher's name. In the event of an absence, we also require an email or handwritten note with the reason for the absence upon the child's return. Thank you!

New York State Math Test

TThe NYS Math assessment will be given on Friday, May 7 to students in grade 3. Thank you for reassuring your child that all they need to do is their best, as always. If you choose to opt your child out of this experience, please complete the form HERE.

Want to Know What's Happening at VPS?

Click on Peachjar flyers for:

  • Upcoming Building or District Wide Events.
  • Building or District Wide fundraisers.
  • Information from one or more of our parent groups
    (PIE, PTSA, and VOICE).
  • Information from our many booster clubs.

Books for Babes

There is a quiet and understated program at Victor Primary School which demonstrated vitality over the years as it endured a number of changes. Books for Babes is a program that began approximately 20 years ago in an effort to welcome and connect with newborns in the district. By acknowledging a new parent in this most beautiful and important role with a welcome letter, the gift of a book, and a tidbit about the importance of daily reading to a child of every and any age, this gesture is meant to assure parents that their efforts prior to a formal school experience are significant and matter. Please keep this in mind and return the coupon below (or send an email) informing us when a baby has been born to a family member or friend and we will send out a celebratory gift. After all, the preschool years fly by and the babies of today will be here at VPS very, very soon!

Please email to request a Book for a Babe. Include their name, the child's name if known, and their address!

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Victor Primary School

At Victor Primary School we are not only concerned with your child's academic growth, but also with his or her development as a total human being. This includes emotional and social well-being, a sense of responsibility, appropriate behavior, and physical aptitude. To accomplish this, we work together as a team to foster a "positively primary" environment for all.

Primary Office: 924-3252, ext. 3600

Primary Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Primary Office Fax: 742-7031

Interim Principal: Danny Dehm, ext. 3404

Assistant Principal: Amanda Moon, ext. 3405

Principal's Secretary: Robin Kinsella, ext. 3404

Nurse: Lori Pownall, ext. 3412

Attendance: Lisa Barton, ext. 3412

Health Office Fax Number: 742-7068


Julie Braniecki, ext. 3176

Tania Zazulak-Angelini, ext. 3180

Emily Hopkins-Ives, ext. 3182

School Counselor: Kara Kupinski, ext. 3184

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