By:Puja Bhat

About Europa.

- Europa is one of Jupiter's moon.

- It is an icy moon ,slightly smaller than the Earth's moon.

- 6th largest moon in the solar system.

Why Europa is different from Jupiter's other moons?

- Europa has a smooth surface, and not a rocky surface.

- There are only 3 craters in Europa whereas the other moons are mostly made of craters.

- Europa surface is made of ice whereas Jupiter's other moons surfaces are made of rocks.

Pictures of Europa

What are the features of Europa?

- There are a series of dark streaks crisscrossing the entire surface of Europa.
- There is a theory that says that tidal forces cause a crack in Europa's icy surface.
- Hubble space telescope indicates that a thin layer of atmosphere exists in Europa.

Where is Europa located?

- Europa is the 6th closest moon to Jupiter.
- Europa is 390,400,000 miles (628,300,000 km) away from the Earth.
- Europa is 670,900 km (417,000 mi) from Jupiter.