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Sherburn Hungate Weekly News - Spring Term - Issue 6

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A word from Mr Broom

Next week is our final week of the half term. It's hard to believe that we're now 8 weeks past Christmas. Time really does seem to fly.

As always, school is a very busy place and this week has been no different. Our teachers have been working together on an exciting learning journey plan for next half term. I'll have more information in our newsletter next week but next half term is sure to be amazing!

While the teachers were planning together, I took the opportunity to work with the whole school, looking at how feedback and critique are really important to getting better at everything! We had an 'Art Off' where Emma (resident artist in Y5) challenged me to draw a butterfly. Let's just say I was beaten easily but the message about giving support, encouragement and clear next steps was received well by all children. If you want to know more about Critique and Feedback, watch this.

We also had visiting senior leaders from Kirk Fenton Primary School on Wednesday, who came to see our amazing range of quality writing on display and the wonderful progress in our children's books. It was a very proud moment for us all and I'm sure you'll enjoy looking through your child's work at our next parent's evenings scheduled for 18th/19th March.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mindfulness Day - Tuesday 19th Feb

We're holding a Mindfulness Day on Tuesday where the children will take part in activities relating to their mental wellbeing and overall wellness.

Children can come to school in their 'comfy' clothes and ideally, something they can move in e.g. leggings, joggers, hoody, t-shirts, trainers.

For the day to be successful, all children need to bring a plastic bottle with them (no bigger than 500ml).

School Attendance - A Great Response

It's important that children attend school regularly and at Sherburn Hungate we recognise that excellent attendance leads to excellent achievement. Fact!

Our attendance for this week is 94.5%, which is well short of our 96% target. Let's hope that next week we'll meet it together.

We know that there's lots of bugs around because we've had staff illness too. However, please help us by sending your children to school when they only have sniffles. If they're not well enough to be here, we will send them home.

Our top attending class this week is Year 2 with 99.2%

Snaps from the week!

Our Star Achievers this week

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Rival Tribal Song - The Sherburn Voices

What are we learning about this term?

Here's the learning journeys for each of our classes across school. They've been available under the planning section of our website but I've decided to include them on the newsletter for easy access.

Staff Shout Outs

Are you impressed by what our staff do for your child? Let them know! Complete the form below.

Dates for Your Diary

19 Feb

Mindfulness Day

21 Feb

Y6 visit to Sherburn Library

pm Girls' Football Festival

22 Feb

Y5 MFL Day at Sherburn High School

Break up for half term holiday

4 Mar

Back to school after half term holiday

1330 - 1430 Nursery Stay and Play Session / Childminders' Meeting


Mondays - 1510 - 1545 Dodgeball (Y2)

Tuesdays - 0800 - 0830 Homework Club (Y6)

Tuesdays 1510 - 1600 Netball / Basketball (Y4/Y5/Y6)

Wednesdays - 1510 - 1545 Story Club - Group 3 (R/Y1/Y2) - starts after half term

Wednesdays - 1510 - 1545 Maths Club (Y6)

Wednesday - 1510 -1600 Y3 Football Club

Thursdays - 1510 - 1600 Girls Football Club (Y5/Y6)

Friday - 0800 - 0830 Homework Club (Y6)

Fridays - 1510 - 1600 KS2 Choir - Sherburn Voices (not 8 Feb)

Nut Allergies

If your child brings either a snack or a pack up to school, please help us to protect some of our children who have nut allergies by checking that the products you send with them do not contain any nuts. Thank you.

GDPR Data Protection Information

Our school takes Data Protection very seriously and complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations introduced in May 2018. For further information please visit: