Happy April!

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It's going to be a great month!

Hello, friend!

I hope your 2014 has been awesome so far. This month, there is so much to look forward to! On the Stella & Dot front, we've got a new Summer collection, launching TOMORROW!, filled with saturated colors and prints inspired by Zanzibar, St. Barth's, and Nantucket Island. Check out the fishtail print - so cute! Also, new bags are coming out, including a great size, the Jetset, perfect for a carry-on to your next getaway. Also - the introduction of Stella & Dot's first baby bag! Our design team scrutinized over 100 baby bags currently on the market and distilled all the best features into ours - and it's super-stylish, to boot!

The other super awesome thing this month is Easter!!! Easter is my second-favorite holiday after Christmas, and why? Because Jesus is alive again! The best person to ever walk this Earth is also the only person to come back from the dead on his own power - not the same day he died, not the next day, but the third day after he died. Seriously, how is that not impressive? Jesus is the reason to have hope in this world, and I hope he gives you hope every day. If you don't know that hope, I'd love to talk to you about it. All you have to do is ask God to make you pure enough to be with him, to forgive your hardened heart and sinful condition. Jesus makes that possible.

Wishing you all the best in April!

love, Alicia

Alicia Setoda

Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot