Hinesburg Community School - August 26, 2022

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The Principal's Corner

Greetings HCS Students, Families and School Personnel:

We wholeheartedly welcome you to School Year 2022-2023! Our priorities at CVSD are to build Identity, Connection, Direction, and Proficiency for all. These four areas embody our purpose; which is learning, teaching and belonging for all in our community.

Identity is developing a sense of one’s self with respect for the uniqueness of others. Connection exists when all individuals see themselves in others and in their environment. It is the feeling that our individual and collective story is known. We learn and appreciate new perspectives. Connection is committing the time and effort to build shared experiences and understandings. Direction is all learners find direction by discovering purpose and exploring passions and interests. We honor where learners are and support their growth, helping them navigate pathways and empowering them to reach their fullest potential. Proficiency is all students and staff members demonstrate progress and develop capacity toward CVSD student and educator targets.

Here at HCS our plan is to re-center and return to our values and our “whys”. For us as a school community, our why is our students, we come here to teach, learn and develop a sense of belonging for all. This is why this school exists.

Collectively, we all have experienced trauma over the past two years with Covid. Collectively, we will move forward, letting go of some of our fears and anxiety as we work together to build a welcoming and thriving learning environment. It took two years to navigate through Covid. It will take some time to work our way out as we all will have some lingering emotions. Whatever you are feeling is valid. This may take a bit of time but please know that we are patient and supportive.

Here at HCS we have systems and structures that match developmental needs that support academic and social emotional growth. To that end, we will be reestablishing school norms and expectations. Collectively, we will be asking the following questions: How do we want to be together? What does it feel like to be together as a community? What does it look like to be together as a community? What do you need to be part of our community? What do you bring to our community?

As school leaders, our main hope and wish for all of you - families, students and school personnel, is that you will look forward to coming here in the morning because HCS is a great place to be. Be certain that we are committed to this school being a place where everyone feels safe, respected, and truly valued for who you are….a place where people take good care of one another...a place where exploration, creativity, and imagination make learning exciting, and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams.

Once again, We wish all of you a wonderful start to this new academic year. School should look and feel similar to previous years; filled with excitement, joy, and creativity. We feel confident that the learning opportunities and programs we have developed and are providing this year will support all learners in all that we wish and hope to accomplish, beginning right now.

Best wishes to all of you,

Suzan Locke Pk-4 Principal

Tim Trevithick 5-8 Principal

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Save The Date

Monday, August 29: Ice Cream Social, 4:30-5:30

Wednesday, August 31: First Day Of School - EARLY DISMISSAL DAY (1:45)

Monday, September 5: Labor Day Holiday - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, September 7: Early Release Day (1:45)

Please help us give a warm welcome to our newest HCS members! (plus a few Title changes too!)

Nicolina Baldwin, Para Professional

Bridget Barry, Grade 6 Teacher

Danielle Bashaw, Intensive Paraeducator

Candace Boyd, Lunch Aide

Meta Bravos Music Teacher

Zoe Clark, First Grade Teacher

Heidi Dostal, Special Educator

Shanda Driscoll, Activities/Athletic Director

Sara Elliott, Art Teacher

Kari Gleich, Behavior Specialist

Eliza Haney, Special Educator

Linda Ide, Para Specialist

Ainaka Luna, DEI Coach

Kristen Moore, Permanent Building Substitute

Megan Morits, Intensive Paraeducator

Kelsey Murtha, Special Educator

Natalie Raby, Part Time School Counselor

Devin Schrock, Instructional Coach

Donna Shepardson, Crossing Guard/Cafeteria Supervisor

Dakota Siple, Behavior Specialist

Tracy Tomasi-Applin, Library Para Specialist

Tim Trevithick Co-Principal, 5-8

Connor Trieb, Physical Education/Health Teacher

Welcome back from the Health Office!

I hope everyone had a restful, fun and safe summer! Please read the following updates to help keep everyone healthy at HCS this year.

Annual Emergency Information forms need to be completed for all students. Please be sure to fully complete and submit the ‘Annual Student Health Update’ form through Powerschool as soon as possible. Having complete information on your child’s health, and how to reach you in case of injury or illness is essential. If this information changes during the year, please be sure to update the office.

If your child will need medications (including inhalers) during the school year, please have your child’s physician complete a Medication Permission Form, or an Asthma Action Plan. A new form is required EVERY school year. If your child will carry their own inhaler or Epi-pen, the prescription permission form MUST indicate this, so that they are in compliance with our medication policy. All medications must be delivered to school by an adult, in its original container.

When your child is sick, have them stay home from school to promote healing and to reduce the spread of illness. If students are sick at school we will notify the family. In certain circumstances we will ask the family to come pick up their child.

The health office is located at the end of the preschool/world language wing so your ill or injured child will be dismissed directly from the exterior door adjacent to the health office (by the flagpole). You will need to sign them out at the main office before picking them up from the health office entrance. When you are picking up your child due to illness or injury, please be sure your child calls from the health office rather than their classroom or their own phone. We ask this as a safety precaution so children do not call for a pick-up or leave without notifying adults. Anytime a student leaves the school, they must be signed out at the main office.

In addition, when your child is absent from school, please let the main office know the reason for their absence so that we can track illness trends. The office will let me know about illnesses or injuries and I will be able to appropriately care for your child when they return to school. Finally, if a child is to have any restrictions in activity during the school day due to recovery from injury or illness, please send a physician’s note with the child informing the teacher and nurse of the nature of the problem, requested restrictions, and duration of restrictions.

I want to remind parents that we have students (and adults) at school that are allergic to several different foods or food groups- peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, soy, and seafood. Reactions can range from mild to life-threatening. If students come into contact with or eat these products they could have a life-threatening allergic reaction that would require immediate emergency medical treatment. Strict avoidance is the best way to prevent an allergic reaction. We are asking you to remind your child to please not share food with their friends in the classroom or cafeteria, and to not eat on the bus. Since students eat snacks in classrooms please be aware of what you are sending to school if your child is in a room with a student with food allergies.

If your child received any immunizations over the summer please send in a copy of their vaccination record so that their health record can be updated. If you need more information and necessary forms regarding medical or religious exemptions, it can be found at A new religious exemption form is needed each school year.

We are fortunate to be included in the Lion’s Club Kidsight Vision Screening Program again this year. All students present the day of screening will have their vision screened this fall. If your child's vision screening results are outside normal limits you will receive a referral form to share with your child's doctor. I will work on hearing screenings in required grades throughout the year. If you have a concern about your child’s vision or hearing and would like them screened earlier in the year please let me know.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the health office at 482-6237. I am available during the school day (7:50 AM-3 PM). Immunization records or Medication Permission/Asthma Action Plans can be dropped off at school or faxed to 482-2003.

Thank You,

Shelley Torrey BS, RN

School Nurse

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To report any and all attendance updates for your child, we kindly ask that you do one of the following:

It is not necessary to let the teacher know that your child will be late or absent. It IS necessary to let the office know. Please let us know the first and last name of your child, their grade or homeroom teacher and the reason they will be late/absent.

If there is a change of plans for end of day transportation, please let us know (using one of the two options above) by 1:00 so that we have time to process bus notes, contact the classroom teacher and ensure the student has a change of transportation form to give to the bus driver.

If you would like to pick your child up during the school day, please call 802-482-2106, option 3, FIVE TO TEN MINUTES BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL AT HCS. This will allow us enough time to locate your child, have them pack up their items and meet you in the HCS office, where they can be signed out.

Complete your 2022-2023 Caregiver Forms

Sign in or create your Caregiver Account by clicking the PowerSchool image. Keeping our Student Information Systems up to date ensures that HCS will be able to contact parents and caregivers. Contact if you need assistance.

Let's Talk!

Let's Talk! is an always-on communication channel and we welcome your feedback at any time. You may remain anonymous or leave your contact information to receive a direct response within 3 business days. Click HERE to start a conversation.

CVSD Strategic Planning Kickoff

CVSD is embarking on a strategic planning process. Fill out this short survey if you're interested in getting involved in some way.

Sign Up to Receive SMS/Text Messages!

Please enroll to receive text messages from the district and/or our school. If you haven't done this yet or if you are new to CVSD, follow the easy steps on this flyer. We don't overuse this method of communication, but it is helpful for reminders and quick announcements. Don't miss out!

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Get excited about CVSD’s Playing Fields event at CVU on September 6th!

The Flynn is excited to present a new community project called Playing Fields, a free multimedia event held at local schools. Playing Fields is a "welcome back" party after the summer months that also celebrates schools as community centers. This project brings together music and public theater in an open field to create an exciting, communal atmosphere where students, teachers, staff, administrators, families, friends, neighbors, and anyone else in the community can join in the fun. This inaugural event features live music by the energetic world-music band Red Baraat and a simultaneous performance by the mysterious, luminous Birdmen, a large-scale street theater exhibition from the Dutch company Close-Act. September 6 from 6:00-9:00 pm. at CVU

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Community Health & Education Fair - Saturday, August 27th 9am-1pm

All Brains Belong is holding a Community Health & Education Fair next Sat 8/27 9AM-1PM, including a sensory-friendly COVID vaccination clinic (open to babies, kids and adults), community resource tables, and a series of health education presentations about family & youth mental health, Long COVID, staying COVID-safe when going back to school, and more!

The presentation part (10AM-12PM) will be offered in a hybrid format (outdoors at the Vermont State House Lawn and by Zoom) -- schedule and free registration available at

For the vaccine clinic portion (outdoors or drive-up), advanced registration is recommended but walk-ins are also welcome.

Feel free to forward this to anyone else who might be interested!

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About Us

Suzan Locke, HCS Co-Principal, Grades K-4


Tim Trevithick, HCS Co-Principal, Grades 5-8


Alicia Kurth, HCS Special Education Administrator


The Viking Newsletter is published weekly, when school is in session. It is available on our web site and is also delivered via email. If needed, a hard copy can be provided for your child to bring home. The Viking includes upcoming events, after school opportunities, notes of interest for parents and the community and updates from our school administration.