Come on over! we got burning rocks and ash!

And the walls kept tumbling down In the city that we love

Pompeii Poem

Far below the mountain's top.
where the wealthy cities lie.
All the world came to a stop
when the careless had to die.
Who was there to hear them cry?
when that mountain broke their trust?
The fortunate who breathed a sigh,
When Pompeii lay in dust.

Pompeii after eruption

By the end of the eruption Mount Vesuvius it was only a crater the river and the port were gone. Pompeii had been completely buried. Within a few years no one knew where Pompeii had once stood.

Pompeii People and Volcanoes! Movies too!

Pompeii was gone by August 25 after the eruption the once huge city was gone till we discovered the remains

A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation
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The people after

They were covered and now we see how they died.