Bridger Supply Pick UP

Every Thursday 12-4:30pm

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Thursday, September 24th

Here are the items available to pick up:

  • Chromebook
  • HotSpot
  • Last Year's Student Materials
(we will do this again on Oct 1st & then items will be recycled or thrown away)
  • Student Clever Badge (K-5th grades)
  • Last Year's Yearbook (1st-9th grades)
  • Kindergarten Gift Bags from PTA
  • Middle School Science Lab Books
  • Bag of Library Books

School Supplies

This summer we created the Bridger Distance Learning School Supply List of basic items your child will need to learning at home. We worked with our Art teacher, Ms. Archer, to create an Art Supply List for when she is teaching art class with your child.

In late August we were told the our district was creating school supply kits for students at our school and to take down our list. As of today we have still not received the kits or know what is in them.

So we are including our original school supply list. If you want to wait for the district kits or if you would like to donate school supplies for Bridger families you can.

You can donate school supplies each Thursday 12:00-4:30pm.

When we get district supply kits, we will distribute on Thursday 12:00-4:30pm.


  • Every Thursday you can return books and get new bag of books.
  • Bag of books are pre-selected for now. After we get the program going, we will transition to students picking their own books online for pick up on Thursday.
  • Book Return and Pick Up are located at outside Library Door next to garden.

Let’s Get Reading!

Q: What is the “Let’s Get Reading!” program?

A: A PPS supported program to make sure students have access to physical books during distance learning.

Q: How will we get books?

A: Every other week you can pick up a bag of “Librarian’s Choice” at the Library Back Door on Thursdays, 12-4:30pm

Q: It’s impossible for our family to pick-up books at that time, will we still get books?

A:We are working on a delivery option. We will let you know when we can get books to you.

Q: How do we return books? We still have some from last year!

A: You can drop books off Monday-Wednesday during the food pick up at Bridger. There will be a library bin available at these times. You can also bring books with you to the pick-up door and place them in one of the empty plastic bins provided on Thursdays 12-4:30pm

Q: But there is ONE book that we really, really want!

A: Wonderful! Please check for digital copies on Sora or TumbleBooks, through the catalog, or public library.

Q: How many books will we get?

A: About 10 at a time - more books than usual to limit the number of trips to school.

Q. How do I keep track of the books in each reading bag?

A. We recommend returning the books to the reading bag -- every time -- even if you just look at them briefly. Create a habit of doing this. This way, you’ll always know where your books are.

Q. How can I tell what is a Bridger library book and what is not?

A. Look for the barcode on the cover of the book that says Bridger Library, and also the spine label on the side of the book.

Q. What if I damage a book?

A. Please return the book anyway. We will do our best to repair it, please do not try to repair or tape a book at home. Just let us know so we can send that book to our book hospital.

Q: Should we wait to return all the books at the same time?

A: Your choice - the return bin will remain outside as long as possible so you can return books as it fits in your schedule.

Q: We lost a book, can we still get new books?

A: Yes. There will be no penalties or fees during distance learning.

Q: Does this mean the building will be open on pick-up days?

A: No. The building is still closed.

Q: What is this program doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

A: We will be using the following guidelines to prevent spreading COVID-19:

  1. Everyone in the pick-up area must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose.

  2. Only one family at a time may approach the pick-up door. Waiting families should maintain 6 feet of distance from other families.

  3. Check-out will be done by staff first thing. Book returns will only be handled when check-outs are completed for the day. Staff will wear fresh gloves for each task.

  4. Returned books will be cleaned, then isolated for a full 4 day “rest” period between circulations.

  5. Increasing the number of books students can take home limits trips to school.

Q: Something went wrong/I have more questions…

A: Email me at Hi! Yes, it’s me, Ms.Jamsgard, running the Bridger program, with the help of our new Media Specialist, Ms. Jardine. We are all new to this process for book circulation. Please be patient and we will figure it all out together!

Let’s Get Reading!