My Awesomeness

By Dylan

Angels and Serpents

Fire dances like angels and serpents.

The sun tell's me what time it is.

The mountain shows me awesomeness.

The stars guide me.

The Flying Man/Limerick

There was an old man.

Who thought he could fly like pan.

But he fell down the stairway.

He felt like he'd been tide to a railway.

But then he relized he liked ham.

Old Man/Couplet

I need khakies.

I have a crooked nose.

My toes are cold.

I am 95 years old.

I am deaf.

I have bad breath.


I chase big fat cats.

I eat round fluffy puffy cats.

I love fat cats, fool.

What am I ?

Black Bears/Alliteration

Black bears are barreling through the forest.

Bears are beastly dangours.

Bears are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any day is the day for a raspberry filled donut.

They are sweet creamy topped.

Such sweet,sweet wonderfulness.

They make the best birthday and christmas present.

When you eat them you think omg! these things are amazing! Oh yeah!

They are as sweet as pie.

cold like water.

they come in many flavors but unlike the others raspberryis best.

Wwe/Similes and Metaphors in Poetry

Mondays I drive home and wait for 2 hours and finally I click on the T.V. and hear Raw's theme song,"Tonight's the Night".

I spend three hours of awesomeness glued to Raw.

Raw is a hurricane of fighting.

The wrestlers are like gladiators in the coliseum.

I will watch it without eating or getting up to go to the bathroom.