Sarah Pardee

By: Haiey Williams and Kinsey Ison

Sarah's Life (By Hailey)

Sarah was born in 1887. When she became of age to marry, she married a man that was a founder to the Winchester rifle. After settling in New Haven, Connecticut, she had a baby named Annie. Being less than a month old, Annie died of a mysterious illness. And later, her husband died also. During her grieving period, she went to many mediums and they all couldn't communicate with her lost family. But, when she came to Adam Coons, he could sense them. After talking to them, her told her that all the people that had been killed by her husbands rifles would come and kill her if she didn't buy a home for the homeless ghosts. So, Sarah set off and bought a house for the spirits and always kept renovating. She took many precautions, to make sure that the spirits wouldn't find her by doing things like sleeping in different rooms every night so they wouldn't know where she is. She never let visitors inside her house. Not even the president at that time, Theodore Roosevelt! The ghosts, though didn't keep their promise. In the year of 1922, Sarah died at the age of 85. Her house later became a landmark for all people to visit.

House ( Kinsey)

Sarah's 2nd house was thought to be haunted. With its 160 rooms, 47 fireplaces and 10,000 windows there would be lots of places for haunting to happen. When she had a medium come in, he said to Sarah that her husband wants her to move West. When she moved west she found the house. It was clear to her that the ghostly friends in her house.

Hauntings (Hailey)

At Sarah's house, there were many hauntings and stories of them. After the ghosts threatening her, she made an enormous house for the souls of those that were killed by her husbands rifles. Also, she believed that the the ghosts lived in the house with her. She even went to extremes like setting out extra wine and food for her guests. She also slept in different rooms so that she would not be killed by the ghosts that now know her location.

The End!